Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Remembering Tattoo Lizard guy...

I was recently looking back fondly on some memories I had of when I worked at the hospital and I remembered one patient in particular who I really liked.  He was this older man, biker type, tattoos.  I had expressed to him my desire to join the Hell's Angels and he gave me that look that said "well it's good you have dreams kid".

Then when I went into more specifics he laughed (with not at me right?!) and told me they'd be happy to have me.  They?  Was he including himself in this secret group of Bad-A motorcyclists?  I was basking in the glow that I may have in fact just met an actual member of the Hell's Angels and was considering asking him flat out when I noticed something.  I was drawing his blood and he had this huge tattoo on his arm.  This is the conversation that ensued.
Me: "Woah...that's a cool tattoo!"
Possible Hell's Angel: "Thanks...yeah I like it"
Me: "It looks like....a lizard?" (I was totally convinced I got it right)
Definite Hell's Angel (I had made a concrete decision about it at this point): "'s a portrait of my girlfriend...maybe that's why she punched me after I showed her?"
The nurse who was in the room with me erupted in laughter as I struggled to find the words to say.  I miss you Lizard tattoo Hell's Angel.

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You're Welcome

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The Miranda's said...

thank you for his ex-girlfriend punching him...hilarious!

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