Thursday, August 21, 2008

Movies, Late Night Drives, Shots, and Good Music

So last night I got the opportunity to go see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2...SO GOOD! I hightly recommend it...especially if you've seen the first one and/or read the books. I went with my friend Emma and we had so much fun. On the ride back I told Emma to take what I thought was a "shortcut" back to my house down Promise Road....word to the wise...DO NOT DRIVE DOWN PROMISE ROAD AT is completely creepy looking and you will end up seeing a huge rabbit who will jump in the middle of the road you might scream because you thought it was an axe murderer and then laugh so hard you can't least that is what happened to Em and I...oh good times.

In other news...I forgot to share my favorite memory from Grandma who I love dearly let me give her a shot. She is a retired nurse and was over the moon to find out that I would be following in her footsteps. She showed me her bracelet that she got when she was going through nursing school that she is going to give me and she then requested...ney...demanded that I give her a B12 shot. I was terrified (and she made me promise not to tell Grandpa). I practiced on an apple first and then she let me have at it. Isn't she the greatest??? Seriously...only a Grandma would do that.

I also wanted to share some good music that I'm you can check them out.

Kate Vogele: Don't Look Away

Songs to Check Out- Honestly I love the entire CD but some stand out wones for me are...."Top of the World", "Might Have Been", "No Good", "Wish You Were", "Kindly Unspoken"

Miley Cyrus: Breakout

Songs to Check Out- Ok ok I know I'm 21 and should not be listening to this but c'mon...I'm a pre-teen at heart. And this CD is surpisingly good...especially if you just want to listen to something fun or for your own pre-teens...songs I particularly like are "The Driveway", "Breakout", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "7 Things" "Simple Song", "Fly On the Wall", and..."See You Again"

Justin Timberlake: Futuresex/Lovesounds

Songs to Check Out: Once again I could listen to this whole CD over and over and not get sick of it but if you are just trying Justin out some good ones would be "Losing My Way" "What Goes Around Comes Around"....I think you'll be surprised at how much you love him.

Duffy: Rockferry

Songs to Check Out: "Rockferry" "Warwick Avenue" "Syrup and Honey" "Oh Boy" and of course "Mercy"-great CD to put on while making dinner

Adele: 19

Songs to Check Out: "Chasing Pavements" to begin with but you'll love them all...good for when you're in a soulful kind of mood

Sugarland: Love on the Inside

Songs to Check Out: You need to listen to this especially if you are in the mood fore really good country music..."All I Want to Do" "We Run" "Love" "Genevieve"...good stuff

Tyler Hilton: The Tracks of...Tyler Hilton

Songs to Check Out: First of all let me just say he is in no way related to Paris Hilton if that was throwing you off...he is actually an incredibly talented singer/songwriter especially if you are in the mood for some good bluesy/acoustic guitar stuff. Once again this is a CD that I could put on play without skipping any songs but some first timers will enjoy "Letter Song" "Kiss On" "Picture Perfect" "When It Comes" "Glad"

Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift
Songs to Check Out: I LOVE THIS any of the songs are good but some extra good ones are..."Stay Beautiful", "Oh My My (Mary's Song)", "Our Song" "Tied Together With a Smile"...great if you are in a girly mood

Paolo Nutini: These Streets
Songs To Check Out: "Last Request" "Loving You" "Autumn"...he has such and amazing voice that every song of his is good and different...check him out anytime for any mood and he'll have a song for you.
Ok that's all for me...check out the music and let me know how you love it! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Utah...This is the Place

"Utah people working together Utah what a great place to be...blessed from heaven above it's the land that we love...this is the place!"
Anyone remember singing that in our 4th grade program at Rock Canyon? Yeah it was pretty much boss. Anyway...just got back from a way to short trip to Utah. I thought I'd make a list of reasons why I love Utah!

1. Mountains! Oh I missed you mountains!

2. Brick Oven...missed you too
3. BYU

4. Seeing missionaries walking around all over...the best
5. Temples
6. Rock Canyon, CMS, Timpview
7. Days (the family AND the grocery store)

8. Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears
9. Lagoon
10. MY FAMILY!!!

Oh it was a fantastic trip and I'm thinking my moving there is pretty much a sure thing at this point. We were at my grandparents wedding anniversary party and I came inside at some point and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I looked so happy (the shiny eyes can't stop smiling look)! And we were watching the talent show portion of the evening and my aunt and uncle were singing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and I looked over at my grandparents and they were looking at each other so in love and holding hands and I burst into tears (I'm such a baby!) and I looked around and it was one of those slow motion moments were you look around and see all your family laughing and see the ones you bond with and the ones who drive you crazy and you think...this is my family...this is where I belong. I was so hesitant to leave! But nonetheless I have things to do here...I arrived home (after about a thousand airplanes and a lot of dramamine and xanex) to a message on the answering machine from Community North Hospital offering me a posistion on the Med/Surg floor! YAY! So I'll be doing a shadow day and then start orientation! I am so beyond happy right now

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fear of Flying and Michael Phelps

So I have to go on an airplane on Saturday...not my favorite fact it terrifies me. Even though it's irrational and even though you are 174857567 more likely to die walking out your front door...I still hate it. Any suggestions as to how to cure this fear? At least for the 5 hour flight on Saturday?

In other news...have you been watching the Olympics? I love the summer games...absolutely love them. How amazing is Michael Phelps? He has now won more gold medals than ANY ONE in the Olympics EVER!

Maybe if he was on the plane with me I wouldn't be so scared...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Me and Sissy

So I figured I couldn't leave the other sister out! What to say about Mackenzie!? First of all...everyone (our parents) has always told us that we act exactly the same. I always totally denied it...however after reconsidering...we do act exactly the same. It's funny and kind of cool. I like the fact that I know her just as well as I know myself (this also comes in handy when she's trying to pull a fast one on me...I know because it's just what I would have done). We are also starting to look scary alike (even though I think she's way prettier than me). I would also love to list the reasons I love Mackenzie:

1.) Sometimes she cracks me up so hard I laugh until I cry

2.) She pretends she doesn't love me but she secretly does

3.) She lets me do her hair and make up

4.) She listens to the same music as me

5.) She watches Gilmore Girls with me

6.) She goes on sweet hard core walks with me!

7.) Our favorite episode of "Hannah Montana" is the one with the Jonas Brothers on it...(and you wonder why I dream about them)

8.) Gimmee Huggie!

9.) She put me as one of her heroes on her MySpace and it almost made me cry

10.) She's beautiful and she doesn't even know it

11.) She is so smart and hard working...I'm so proud of her!

12.) She's an "awesome" babysitter (I heard from a reliable source)

13.) She is the only other person who can make chocolate chip cookies as good as me

14.) She is my mini-me

15.) She is who she is...she doesn't care what other people think about her...she's strong and outspoken and brave...qualities that a lot of 14 year olds don't have! (who should be looking up to who here??)

Seriously...I think everyone knows how amazing my sissy is! But if you didn' do now!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Me and My Sister...

I decided to dedicate this blog entry to my sister Calah. No particular reason...except she is gone in Seattle..and I (kind of) miss her (don't tell her that though). I was just looking at some old pictures of us and thinking about us and I wanted to share some of my favorite memories of my "little peanut"

1. Remember the brilliant dress I made for you out of pink tissue paper? Seriously...America's Next Top Model and Project Runway are calling...

2. When Allison and I made you marry Adam...I wonder where that kid is now...

3. News 4 Nelsons...enough said

4. Watching "She's The Man", "One Tree Hill", and "Mean Girls"

4. "Bring on down to homelessvillllle"

5. So beautiful...everyday like a queen on her trone...Aicha...Aicha passing me by...there she go again...

6. Do you like bran muffins?

7. Dr. Carter, Sweater Vests, Justin Timberlake, Sweater Vests, Crumb Cake...and did I mention Sweater Vests?

8. Uh...when you "dance"

9. American Idol on playstation

10. Turn Around....

11.All the other crazy things we say and laugh about!
I love you sister!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And the verdict is....

Well all that studying paid off somewhere because......

i passed!!!

I can't believe I ever doubted myself... :)

The lady in charge of the group loved me! She told me I gave great answers (she said..and I quote "Great great answer...we should get this girl to do a commercial for us!) yeah. I was the first one to finish the test! I got kind of nervous about that but then figured..hey I feel good about it so I got this! ha ha and I did! So now the process continues. I told her which departments I preferred (OB, Oncology, or Med/Surg) and my hour requests and she'll send it all in to the department heads and I should hear back from them soon for another interview (which I will SO ROCK at!!!) So....whew..what a relief! Anyway...that's all for now! I'll keep you updated! I'm so happy and excited!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I figured I should post the book that may single handedly save me from going insane (or contribute to it)...

Wish me luck for tomorrow! 9am is my first information meeting and the test starts at 11! If I don't pass I may need some of this...

And a lot of these...

My First Tag! 15 Obsessions

I got tagged and I like this one so I'll do's my 15 current or long lasting obsessions...
1. Sephora products
I love that they have every product you could possibly think of. Some of my favorites include:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: goes on smooth and helps your foundation last!

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation: smooth and natural! I love it...I'm thinking of switching to Bare Minerals or something if you want to let me know what you think if you've used it before...

Nars Cream Blush or Power Blush: seriously the best blush ever!

Benefit Get Bent mascara: I have really long eyelashes and I have a hard time finding mascara that doesn't make my lashes look weird...this one is awesome! Goes on smooth and the wand it bent so that it is so easy to apply!

2. Propel water packets
perfect amount and you can carry it with you everywhere...LOVE IT!

3. Downy Simple Pleasures dryer sheets
They smell so fantastic...especially if you wash your sheets and use them you will LOVE going to bed even more than you already do...seriously I bought some recently and all my other groceries smelled like lavender/vanilla....fabulous.

4. Miley Cyrus :Breakout

Ok...ok...I'll admit it right now...I love Miley Cyrus and her new CD is seriously so good...just try's only $10 at Target...let me know how it works out for you.

5. Fancy by Jessica Simpson:

It smells great! And...for a tried and true favorite of mine try Covet or Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker...great for day or night and you only need a little and you will smell great all day. I get so many compliments on them when I wear them. I always say they are the frangrances where you can't smell them when they see you but it lingers after you leave...the best kind...

6. Fiji Water

Seriously the best water...I'm not sure if it's the water or the packaging...a square water bottle? Genius.

7. My Sister's Keeper: Jodi Picoult

My favorite author..this book was the first one I ever read of hers and it's still my favorite...made me laugh, made me cry, gave me chills, and made me want more.

8. Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Shampoo/Conditioner
Everyone at the salon makes fun of me because I use Herbal Essences instead of professional shampoo but I really do notice that my ends stay healthier when I'm using this AND the great raspberry smell is just a bonus.

9. Buns of Steel work out

The original buns of steel work out is not only fun and entertaining but it's also a really great workout! Greg Smithey is the leader of this fantastic tape and let me tell should do it solely for his entertainment skills...he is HILARIOUS! Sometimes my roommates and I would just pop in the video for entertainment purposes...but the work out is good and may be walking funny the next day but you'll see results.

10. Carrabba's Italian Grill

The chicken gratella with the mashed potatoes and vegetable (hopefully zuchinni) with a ceasar salad dressing on the meal ever! The waiters there know me and the girls from the salon and what we order because we go there ALL the time but...sometimes it's nice to have a place like "Cheers" where everyone knows your name...or at least what you order.

11. Proactiv

I started using Proactiv in high school and then stopped for awhile and let me tell you..I love it....and I will never go off it again. I will always be a lover of it and now they have so many different kinds for different skin types. My skin has never looked better!

12. Olay Body Quench lotion

Great makes your skin feel seriously smooth even after just one time using lifesaver in the winter!

13. Guilty Pleasure TV: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill

My two favorite guilty pleasure television programs...can't wait for them to come back in the fall!

14. Henrik Zetterberg: Detroit Red Wings

I love this man. No I mean really...I love him. He is an amazing hockey player and not to mention he is SO HOT! He won the MVP award this year, he has beautiful brown eyes, lusious locks, rippling muscles, and he is from Sweeden (hello accent!) yeah...pretty much a great reason to tune into a hockey game...

15. Hot Tamales candy:

I am not a big candy lover...I just don't love candy (I'm more of an ice cream person) but this is the one candy that I just can't resist...the best!

Ok that is it for me! I tag all of you! I want to know what your obsession are!!!
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