Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top 10 Favorite Clinique Products

So as you know.....I work for Clinique....and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.  I mean....working for the #1 brand in the world is pretty easy to love.  There are so many reasons why I love Clinique.  First and foremost being that their skin care is the BEST skin care around.  There is nothing better outside of a dermatologist office for the skin.  Not only is their skin care the best but everything they make is....the best.  I decided to share with you my Top 10 all time favorite products from Clinique.  Just to serve as a little guide for some things that I feel are must-haves.
*Bonus points to the person who finds the misplaced Doctor Who reference in this post....

1. Clarifying Lotion "The Difference Maker"
I've mentioned Clarifying Lotion before and how much I love it.  We call it the difference maker and it really is.  It's custom fit, twice a day exfoliation that ANYONE and EVERYONE should use.  It fits perfectly into every skin care routine and makes your skin softer, clearer, more radiant.  Can't live without!

If you are concerned with dark spots, acne scarring, or even just an overall uneven skin tone...this is the product for you.  I have noticed such a difference in my skin since I started using this.  It's evened out my skin tone so much.  This is a product I immediately have to replace when I run out.

I love this eye cream.  It's super lightweight which I love.  It also reflects light which gives a brightening effect to the under-eye area.  I'm super picky about my eye creams so trust me when I say this is the best one I've ever used.

 I talked about this in one of my videos but it's my all time favorite make up remover.  It starts out as a balm that melts into this oil that removes all your face and eye makeup.  It leaves your skin feeling so nice and soft.

5. CC Cream
Clinique was the first to offer a CC Cream and might I say....they did it the best.  I am in love with CC cream.  Normally I'm a very moderate-full coverage foundation gal.  With this CC cream...even though it's a sheer coverage, it color corrects the skin tone so well you don't need a full coverage.  I love how lightweight it feels and....bonus!  SPF 30!  Brilliant.

6. Moisture Surge
 Such a nice moisturizer....especially if your skin is like mine and is combo/oily but still needs a healthy dose of hydration.  My skin gets dehydrated very easily (probably because I live in this dry wasteland) but I can't add too much oil to my skin otherwise I'll break out.  Well.....Allons-y!  This stuff works wonders!  It seriously feels like a delicious, velvety, drink for the skin.

7. All About Eyes Serum
This is a rollerball serum that you can pair with any eye cream you use.  It helps de-puff the eye area and feels like a nice cool massage under your eyes.  *Bonus tip! Pop this baby into the refrigerator and then use....ohhhhh my.  Delightfully refreshing.

8. Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel
 Or...."the miracle worker" as I like to call it.  Have a little spot pop up?  Don't worry...just dab a little spot healing gel on it and literally overnight it's half the size.  Can't live without this for when a little spot likes to try and surprise me.

9. Take The Day Off Make Up Remover
 I usually use my balm to take my eye make up off (because I'm lazy) however when the occasion strikes I do use this make up remover for my eyes (especially if my liquid liner decides to have a complete mind of its own...which is 98% of the time).  It's the best make up remover for eyes I've ever used.  I've used ones that were literally twice as much money but because they add so much fragrance to them....they started irritating my eyes.  This one never does.  Love it!

10. Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam
I don't break out so often anymore (thanks to my 3 step skin care) however during that special and beautiful time each month when all the hormones in my body are screaming at each other like cast members of the Real Housewives, I will break out a little bit.  I just add this into my skin care routine and seriously.....guys.....I can't stress enough how well this works or how nice it is.  It's a foam and just makes your skin feel so clean!  PLUS it works!!!  Love.

Bonus product
If you use make up brushes....stop what you're doing....head to your local Clinique counter, and buy this make up brush cleanser.  It works so well!  I'll use it to spot clean my brushes or mix it with some warm water to give them a deep clean.  Again....fragrance free so your brushes are so clean, don't smell like flowers or anything weird, and don't leave your brushes with any sort of weird residue.  

So there you have it.  My Top 10, can't live without, Clinique products!  If you have any other questions on any other Clinique products....let me know!  I'd love to answer them!
And if you use any of these....let me know!  We can squeal over how awesome they are together!


Christina said...

I've never tried any Clinique products, which is a shame because I would love to. I often stay in my comfort zone when it comes to brands of makeup. I know certain brands work well for me so I don't try anything else. I do believe I need to change that. :)


Vanessa said...

Clinique products are the best! I used to stay in my comfort zone too and was kind of forced out because of my job :) however I will say if there's one thing I've learned it's that great things happen outside your comfort zone!
Thanks for reading!

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