Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The day I announced my big news....

I'm sure you've been on the edge of your proverbial seats waiting for this news right?

Am I pregnant?.........NO

Am I married?...........NO

Am I engaged?..........NO

Am I going on a mission?........NO

Am I completely addicted to Gobstoppers?..............YES (but that's not the news)

the news is.....


"What?  Did you hear that Vanessa got a job?"

"Really?  I thought her job was watching Glee and having a diet consisting only of Gobstoppers and Diet Coke"

"Well....yeah but she doesn't get paid for that"

" she working for that tattoo parlor?  I always thought she would fit in really well there....with people like Lunchbox how could you go wrong?"

"While you make a valid's working for MACY'S"

Yes yes the rumors are all true.  After 3 months, 3 interviews...I am officially an employee of Macy's Department store in Cosmetics/Frangrances. 

Oh you don't believe me do you?

In your face! I believe they call that an OFFICIAL NAME TAG...what now haters?

And this is how you are supposed to look when you're representing the cosmetics department....obviously.

It was a cool interview.  The lady interviewing me asked me 2 of her interview questions and then stopped and said "You know what...I just really like you, I'm so excited....let's make you part of the team"

Yeah let's.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The day I won a giveaway...

Remember that giveaway I told you about?


I think I'm on a lucky streak.  Let me know if I can help you with luck is at your disposal!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The day we had a homecoming

Last week my cousin Lindsey FINALLY got home from Germany!  (Thanks a lot volcanic ash- I like you as about as much as I like bacon- NOT AT ALL)

We had a rockin homecoming party for her!
I was so popular EVERYONE wanted to have their picture taken with me...due to my pressing schedule- I only allowed one.
Cousin Kelcey, My lovely mug, and the returned sister herself Lindsey

Love you Linds!

The day I accepted this rose....

Anyone know what starts tonight?



If you guessed The Bachelorette then YOU my friend are correct!

Let the games begin!

*If you're looking for an easy way to keep everyone straight the first couple of weeks you can click {here} for an official cheat sheet 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I was recently introduced to this incredible musician Thao.  Her songs "Bag of Hammers" and "Body" are two of my favorites.  I was really excited to find out that Dianna Agron (who plays Quinn on my fave show "Glee") was directing the music video for "Body".  They gave exclusive rights to air the video to Oxfam who help those in poverty and they just do really great work.  I thought I would share the video with you.  I think the concept and the way it all came out is just...impeccable. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The day I shared a giveaway

I've been coveting one of these prints for quite some time...

They are by QA designs- so cute and there are a bunch of different states.
and now FINALLY there is a giveaway (on Bijou Market) to WIN one.  I'm holding onto my lucky penny and rubbing that lucky rabbit's foot (ya know because I have SO MANY of them).  I thought I would share it with ya'll as well.  Check out the blog, the store etc...
QA designs- Store on Etsy
and official blog

Thanks for reading....
And stay tuned because I'll be sharing some big news with you soon! :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The day I saw an awesome movie

Today was a great day.  The sun was shining and it was the perfect temperature.  Jess was in town so we went out...ate lunch outside and went shopping for furniture and appliances for her new townhouse.  Then we went to go see a movie.  We saw this one

And let me tell of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen.  Sure it's a little predictable but the way they get to that ending is just...flawless.  The story is based on reality.  In Verona, Italy (where Romeo/Juliet took place) thousands of people flock to Juliet's home and leave her letters.  The lonely, the broken hearted, the confused.  They write letters to Juliet asking for advice. 


And there is a group of people dubbed "The Juliet Club" who write back.  They answer every single letter.  There is even a book including some of the letters people have written

 The movie starts Amanda Seyfried (who I love) and Vanessa Redgrave (my namesake and one of the most talented and beautiful women in the world)

and of course....him

Such a simple beautiful story based on real life.  It was so touching it brought tears to my eyes more than once.  Heartwarming would be the perfect description of it.

Hope you all had as beautiful of a day as I did!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The day I had a confession...

For all you guys out there trying to win my heart....THIS is how it's done.

Stop judging me.  You know that you too fell victim to his dance moves.  Plus he pulled the ultimate prank.  Everyone thought he was some Luther Vandross R/B singer....guess what?
He's that guy who sat behind you in math class and smelled your hair (and yes I had one of those....)

So now that you've watched the video I have a quiz for you...

Still stumped?  Here's a hint:
Tune in next time when I explore my long suppressed feelings for Luis from Sesame Street.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The day my dad did commentary for Dancing With the Stars

Tonight's Dancing With the Stars commentary brought to you by...

My Dad

"I mean.....that dance was like....amazing!"

Props to Derek and Nicole for evoking emotion from my father while dancing was on the television. 

This reaction has only ever been duplicated on family picture day as evidenced in this picture

Usually it's just the blank stare or the classic sigh followed by eye-roll combination.  Occasionally he'll leave the room "to go grab his glasses" and we don't see him for 2 hours when he saunters out of his room with a book in hand and NCIS blasting from the room.

We love you Pops.

The day my brother got a milk maid

Today I had this conversation with my brother

Me: "Hey Bub do you want to go to the store with me?"
Bub: "Umm...are you driving?" (*I guess that played a large role in his decision)
Me: "Yes"
Bub: "Uh...yeah"
Me: "Ok do you know what we're getting?"
Bub: "Yeah...white sauce, cheese, and....milk maids"
Me: "Milk maids???"
Mom: "Yeah I think he means Mild Duds"
Bub: "Oh yeah...Milk Duds"

I don't know what store he thought we were going to....but for future reference...we need milk maids.  Our goats are begging us.  

The day I adopted an embryo...

Ok I didn't really do that.  But did you know that you can?  It's a hybrid of using your own embryos and adopting an actual post embryo phase baby. 
Apparently couples are loving it....according to the 5 o'clock news.

I wonder if they have husband adoptions?

Let's work on that.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The day it was Monday

Happy Monday everyone!  Today you can buy me one of these.

I've always pictured myself soaking in a tub, drinking Pellegrino with lime after doing something incredibly dramatic.
A claw foot tub just adds to the image.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The day it was Mother's Day

Thank you to all the mothers out there...

Because you're way nicer than Dad.

To all the women in my life who have been mothers to me.  Aunts, my friends moms, my mom's friends, and my beautiful grandmothers one of whom I miss dearly today.  Thank you to all of you for what you've been for me.
I love you

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The day I had Anderson Cooper word vomit...

Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways.  I've talked a lot in the past about moving to Nashville and I was ready to do it.  I had looked up jobs, apartments everything.  And then this last week happened.  I was discussing with my Mom and sisters how grateful I was that I didn't live there right now.  And maybe not for the reasons you would think.  I would be very upset if I lost my home or belongings but I could handle it. 
The truth of the matter is I would be a filthy hot mess if I was stuck in a flood.  I can barely swim and I would have no idea what to do.  I can just imagine myself sitting on the roof of my house with water all around me.  I would look something like this
(Although I would probably have my shirt on.  Or I might not...depends on the day)

Then of course like flies to mud....would come my knight in shining armour...
Anderson Cooper

And he would paddle by me looking sexy with his perfectly coiffed hair in his canoe and I would be like...
"Anderson!  I didn't want you to have to see me like this!"
And he would be all...
And I'd get in the canoe and he'd probably give me his shirt (because to him chivalry is never dead) and I'd try to hit on him a little bit and be like "Do you come here often? or "What are you drinking?" or perhaps the more geologically appropriate "Are you from Tennessee because you're the only ten I see".
And he'd be like...
Eventually my charm, wit, and beauty would captivate him and then (after I'd taken a shower and mysteriously lost the shirt that he lent me) we'd get dressed up all fancy and have dinner.  Perhaps with Elmo.

And I'd say "Oh Anderson you're such a card!" and we'd be in love.

I'm just saying...that is one possible scenario.  

In all seriousness Nashville is in need of any help people can offer.  Considering this is how Nashville looked a week ago

and this is it now.
Keep them in your prayers.

Signing off,
Vanessa Cooper...wait..what?

I'd just like to point out that: FEMA is not there, the President is not there.  No one is there but themselves.  These people and their neighbors.  Trying to save memories.  Trying to save homes.  Trying to save each other.
And I haven't heard a single person say that the government is racist for not helping them immediately.

But they are family.  And they help each other.  Because that is the kind of people they are.

And why I felt at home there.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nashville madness

I'm sure everyone has heard of the severe flooding that has happened in Nashville.  This picture made me want to cry.  As someone who respects and loves history of things so broke my heart.  Hopefully we can keep all of these people who are without homes and have lost loved ones in our prayers.  What a terribly sad and crazy year so far.  And it's only May.
1. Rilo Kiley- Breakin Up
2. Little Joy- Next Time Around
3. MGMT- Time To Pretend
4. Thao- Bag Of Hammers
5. A Fine Frenzy- The Beacon
6. Wakey! Wakey!- Car Crash
7. Ray LaMontagne- Jolene
8. She & Him- Home
9. Rufus Wainwright- Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk
10. Band of Horses- The Funeral
11. Bowerbirds- Ghost Life
12. Regina Spektor- No Surprises
13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Skeletons
14. Neon Trees- Our War
15. Sondre Lerche- Bluish
16. T.Rex- Cosmic Dancer
17. Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Fun

I actually don't know if this would qualify as "fun".  More like tragic.  I promised Mickey Mouse and something like Mickey Mouse is what I deliver.




we think that's him!


Orange you glad?


[singing slower with sad faces]





Have a great Monday everyone!

*and thank you Cake Wrecks

when kid movies creep you out

My biggest fears in a very particular order

1. Clowns
2. Any insect with the word "pedes" in it
3.This guy

Yeah you remember him.  From the beloved classic movie for children "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".
He was called "The Child Catcher" (yeah you just vomited in your mouth a little didn't you?) and he had this giant nose and he was all "I can smell children" and I was all

Then he would change from his normal black garb into this colorful hat and he would play music, ring bells, and dance around and say "Come on children! Come and get your lollipops!" and he would call them "Kiddie-Winkies" and the kids were like "Yay!" and then he would trap them in his cart and take them underground.

I'm pretty sure this is where the warning "don't take candy from strangers" stemmed from.  I'm also pretty sure this is where the whole "To Catch a Predator" series stemmed from.

Hey Chris Hansen....I got someone for ya.

alice in the garden

As a child (as we've discussed before), I was obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.  I also had a very active imagination.  I would play in my backyard on summer days, climbing through trees, bushes, etc...pretending to be Alice in the garden.  She was small and the flowers were giant and they talked.  This was a fantasy I couldn't help but re-create. 
Yesterday I got to feel, just a little, how Alice might have felt when I went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point.  I don't know what exactly I was expecting but it certainly exceeded every expectation I might have had.  And of course in true Vanessa fashion I took lot's of pictures...

  (one of my favorites)
water fountain in the Italian garden

you can see the statue at the very top

all the way down to the very bottom

the largest man-made water feature in the world
the large slab of concrete in the grass is a stage and they put on concerts amazing would that be?

if you look closely you can see a Canadian goose who was hatching her babies

the view from behind the waterfall

when you first enter- this is the view of the entire garden

It's really too bad I never went to anything like this when I was a kid.  I could have had a lot of adventures here.
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