Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Collage

my weekend

my weekend by vanessanelson featuring logo t shirts

Hello hello!  I'm a day behind this week....mostly because I spent all day yesterday MOVING.  Ugh...isn't moving the absolute worst?  Yes.  Yes it is.  I'm completely exhausted and spent the entire weekend in comfy clothes and flip flops...with the exception of one day.  One very special day...one of my best friends in the whole world got married on Saturday!  Pictures to come...it was perfect.  
While we're (kinda....) on the subject of moving, let's have a quick discussion as to why I should not be allowed to live on my own:
1. I packed more Diet Coke than anything else
2. I have 2 cosmetics bags completely full of lip gloss
3. I had a Level 5 meltdown in Target because I couldn't figure out what kind of jelly my Mom buys. 
Just to name a few..
Do any of you all watch "Big Brother"???  Let me know.  This season has gone CRAY.
Hey guess what else?  I also read some books!  I know what you're thinking...."Vanessa actually turned off Here Comes Honey Boo Boo to read???"  Yes yes my dear readers...I did.  TWO books actually (The Fault In Our Stars & The Land Of Stories) and they were fantastic!!!  Highly recommend them both!
Anyway...that does it for this update.  How was your weekend?  Anything I need to be updated on since it's been awhile? 
Let me know! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Life Update With Instagram

Some things that have been going on as of late...

  • I bought this necklace.  I now hide in a cave with it whispering "my preciousssss"

  • Celebrated my Dad's birthday.  Don't even get me started on how stingy they were about the sprinkles.

  • I became an artist.  

(can anyone guess what the word was?)

  • My Queen made her television debut

  • I made this face about it.

  • My brother made this face.  We are related.

  • My sister and I put tater tots on our frozen pizza.  U mad?
(it was amazeballs)

  • Has anyone seen my lip gloss???

  • Found it.

  • Bought this shirt. 

  • Read this book.  
(you should read it)

  • Packed some boxes and found pieces of my childhood.

Well that's about it!  Hope everything is going good for you!  What have you been up to lately?  Let me know!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hey guys!  I've missed you!  I've been super busy packing and moving but I'm finally just about there!  Thought I'd pop in real quick and give you some music I've been listening to!  Hope you're having a good one!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quick Hi!

Hey guys!
Sorry I've seemingly dropped off the planet.  Life is insanely busy at the moment and I've neglected the blog because I've just had too much going on such as

  • Work
  • Being a manager at work now (whole different ball game)
  • Packing
  • Moving
  • Listening to Taylor Swift's new song on repeat
SO that being said....I should be back later next week.  Thanks for sticking around! (Hopefully....I mean....you are sticking around right?  RIGHT??)
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