Thursday, July 31, 2014

guess who's back....

100 points to the person who knows what song inspired the title of this post.

I thought to get back into it I would do a little life update courtesy of Instagram.

Summer is such a fun time.  Celebrations, laughter, fun.
July however always seems to be a sad month for me every year.  This year was especially sad.  Our little puppy Pippin was hit by a car and didn't make it.  This was a devastating blow for our family and one that we will not be over any time soon.  Strange the way animals get into our hearts isn't it?  Losing a pet becomes just as tragic as losing a human family member.  Many tears have been shed and I'm ready for a new start come August.
New job, new  I like starting new.

What new things are you looking forward to?  Leave a comment!

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I'm happy to have you :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Falling In Love

I am a girl who always wants things too much.  I get attached.  I fall in love with a hundred things a day.
I was recently described as an "all or nothing kind of girl" which is entirely accurate.  I'm either completely uninterested or completely obsessed.  The "problem" with this is that it sets me up to be heartbroken a hundred times a day.  Does that make sense?  I fall in love with possibilities, I fall in love with ideas, I fall in love with things I want, I fall in love with people.  Then when these things don't happen or don't work out....I crash and become so disappointed.  Does anyone else have this problem?  The thing is I don't think I'll ever stop being that way.  It's who I am.  I found a quote that says
"Get excited about the little things.  About wearing a new outfit for the first time.  About Saturday lunches with your best friends.  About the new cute guy you work with.  About finding an extra dollar in your pocket.  About anything that even remotely makes you happy because as you grow up, passions fade and enthusiasm gets mistaken for foolishness.  Don't let the grays of the world keep you from shining."
So I've just decided to keep living this way.  Even though the downs hurt a little's worth it to live a passionate life.  

A little more context to this post.....I recently grew attached to 3 very big ideas.  
1. A townhouse I've been wanting to live in for 2 years
2. A huge promotion at work
3. A boy

I tediously filled out all the paperwork for the townhouse and we waited and waited and in the end....we did not get it.  I was crushed.  I found another townhouse that we loved and we were told we had gotten it and were getting ready to sign the papers and put down the deposit....20 minutes before we were supposed to leave...the lady called and told us she changed her mind.  I was both crushed AND furious.'s left me a little lackluster.

The bright spot is that I got the promotion at work I've been wanting!!!!!  It's a huge deal and very exciting and I start Monday! This promotion is definitely a mixed bag as I am so excited to start a new adventure but it means I will be leaving Clinique.  Clinique has been the most amazing company to work for and my co-workers at that counter are my family.  At least I will still work in the same building as them and see them but I do get sad if I think about it too much.

And the boy....well....that's to be continued.

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