Sunday, October 25, 2009

23 Years...

23 Years ago today I was can send any and all notes of gratitude to my mom HERE

Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Fall Finds....

As if there wasn't enough candy going around this time of year...these ones are unique and delish for grown ups! I love Hershey kisses so much...they are small and cute and they always introduce new flavors and ideas that satisfy my incredibly ADD mind. This fall I've come across the wonderful new ones....

Candy Corn

so cute how they actually look like candy corn...I don't even like candy corn but I like these (let's be honest...probably the packaging...I'm such a sucker for gimmicks)

Pumpkin Spice

You all know how I feel about pumpkin things...I LOVE THEM....and these taste just like pumpkin pie.

Caramel Apple

these were surprisingly good...I was hesitant at first but I'll try anything once and I was not disappointed!

So there are some sweet little treats to satisfy that sweet tooth this fall...imagine how fun it would be to display all three of these flavors in little Halloween dishes...the answer...SO FUN!
Happy Fall!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting Pumped Up....

For some of THIS....

Broadcasting live from our little hometown of Provo tomorrow!
Go Blue!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My brother...

Some conversations I was having with my brother recently...

Kian asked me what color your lungs are. I told him they were pink...
Kian: "uh no they aren't they are white"
Me: "Nope pretty sure they are pink"
K: "NO WHITE! They don't even act like they are pink!"
M: "When have you ever seen lungs?"
K: "On a TV show"
M: "Oh really which one?"
K: "Dateline"

Next conversation...this one we have a lot.
Kian: "What are you going to do today?"
Me: "I don't know what should I do today?"
K: "Uh get married to me"
M: "Kian I can not marry are my brother we have talked about this before."
K: "No we just go to a wedding the we are married and then we dance"
M: "No Kian I need to marry someone who is over the age of 24 who is a boy and not part of my family"
K: "Can they be part of another the Jones's?"
M: "Who is the Jones family is a boy who is older than 24?"
K: "Uh their Dad."

And then he said this...
"If you get married then your heart will be so happy it will fly into the air and if your heart breaks then it goes right down to your knees in a million pieces"

I love my brother.


For those of you who don't live in this great state of Utah...something you are missing out on...

I missed you and your creaminess.

Magical Night...

So the other night I went out with a very good friend and we had the best time! First we went to this restaurant called Zupas in Provo.
It has soup, salads, and paninis. Each meal comes with a slice of bread AND a chocolate covered strawberry (I'm sorry but did I invent this place???). I had tomato basil soup and it was delish!!! And then because I still had yet to see it we went and saw....

It was AH MA ZING!
Some things they changed or left out and I didn't like that but overall it was superb and if you're looking for a little eye candy Harry, Ron, and Draco Malfoy have all grown up...and I noticed.
And we all know how I feel about Harry...
At the end of the movie there is a scene where all the wizards raise their wands to the sky and some kid had brought his fake wand (by kid I mean age) and also raised it in the sky. I made fun of him out loud but in by head I was jealous he had a wand...where did you get it kid!?
And I must say that once again one of my favorite characters is Luna Lovegood...she is just so crazy.
Anyway all in all a very successful night! This week as you may know is Homecoming week for BYU (ESPN is even coming!) and so they light the Y on the mountain up with twinkle lights (if you know me you know that twinkle lights are probably my favorite thing EVER) and as we were coming out of the movie theater it was all dark so you couldn't see the mountain except for the Y all twinkle light like and I I live in a beautiful place! How lucky am I! I know it was right for me to move here and I'm so happy I made the right decision...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Heart Autumn

Just a few reasons I love Autumn....


Hats, Gloves, Scarves

Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin Patches

Pumpkin Pie

and while we're on the subject...
if you haven't tried this and you like pumpkin you really's delish


and of course...
Leaves changing colors...

there is nothing more satisfying than walking out your front door with your adorable pea coat on with a nice crisp in the air and your yard full of helps to have an adorable little brother as well...

Some thing I don't necessarily love about fall...


It never fails...the leaves start falling and my skin starts drying out terribly...well have no fear! I have some great remedies to keep you nice and soft into the winter...

Dry skin? Here is a lotion I recently discovered...

Vaseline: Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning lotion

It works WONDERS on dry skin and it smells like summer. Your skin will feel great and you'll feel like you just got back from the pool even if there is a blizzard outside.

Dry hands? Doing dishes drying them out even more? Why don't you try...

Dawn Plus Hand Renewal: Pomegranate Splash
(also comes in Lavender Silk and Aloe Vera)

It really is gentler on the hands and it smells divine! Pomegranate splash? Yes please! You'll actually look forward to doing dishes! (ok probably not but a girl can dream right?)

Dry lips? Most girls are looking forward to snuggling up with their honey bun for some kissing on those cold winter nights but Jack Frost nipping can dry out lips and put an end to your night about some...
Nivea : A Kiss of Moisture

I used this at the hospital (possibly the driest place on Earth) and I can honestly attest to the fact that your lips will be so kiss ably soft.
And if you are looking for a little pop to your lips- you can spend hours looking for the "perfect shade" (which doesn't exist) and countless dollars on products that will just end up sitting on your bathroom counter OR you can pay $1.47 and get the vintage yet still amazing

Lip Smackers: Dr. Pepper flavor

Seriously I don't know why I just won't learn my lesson and stop spending money on lip gloss. This stuff moisturizes, looks good on any skin tone, and BONUS guys love it.

So there you have tips for staying soft and summer like even during those dark winter days. I can't guarantee that you'll completely forget it's subzero weather but I can guarantee that at least you won't feel like it...

Pigs or Plague?

Saturday was going and my sister went shopping for Mackenzie's birthday, we made dinner, make her birthday was going great. Mom had been sick all day so we kind of took the reins in the birthday department. Right around midnight I started feeling off...and Calah was as well. We got kind of worried because Kian was sick on Thursday night and then Mom on Saturday. I said to my sister "I get the feeling that by 2 am I will be vomiting my guts out" (sorry for being so graphic). Shortly after this Mackenzie started throwing up and Calah started at around 2:00. 2:21 am and I am in the kitchen violently ill. I can honestly say it was the most sick I have ever been in my entire life. Between the hours of 2 and 3 I had already thrown up 3 times and it just continued like that until the last round at 9 am. Yes you read that right...7 hours...3 times an do the math. Yesterday I felt like I had been hit by a train and punched in the stomach at least a thousand times. It very well could have been swine flu....or bubonic plague. Either way I don't recommend it for anyone. I did finally end up looking swine flu symptoms because some people were telling me I should...pretty much I had all the symptoms but I'm gonna be honest...if anyone in this world needs to be tested it's this kid-

Seriously where are your parents?

Monday, October 19, 2009

There's a party goin' on right here...

For Mackenzie's birthday it was pretty much me and Calah planning everything because Mom had been sick (more on that horror story to come...) so we decided to plan a "Ginger" themed party...of the presents consisted of these.

She loved it and her card was is a copy of it

Genius I know.

But don't worry...we also got her a really cute shirt

that's right...Miley Cyrus made it...well at least she let underprivileged children in Bangladesh make it for her. How generous.

I made the cake

and since we forgot candles Kenz just blew out imaginary ones...but seriously this girl has burned her hair off with birthday candles before so it was probably for the best.

Then the sickness set in and needless to say the rest of Saturday and Sunday were pretty much shot. So today we decided to take her out for her official birthday dinner. She chose?...Mexican. Just the word you want to hear after puking all weekend right? Well it actually turned out to be great...I mean it was Los Hermanos so you only expect the best. Dad hadn't been feeling good so we invited Stacy and the boys to come with us and we had a blast! The Miguels were that family growing up that we did EVERYTHING vacations, weekends, BBQ's these boys have always felt like brothers to me and they are seriously a crack up. We had a blast and we're so happy that we finally live close to them again! Love you guys!

All in all besides the horrendous sickness that passed through the home it was a successful birthday weekend!
And if any of you at home were keeping a count down...yours truly turns 23 in 6 days.
Just sayin...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Birthday... in 1 week and 1 day...still enough time to get me this...

Yes you are seeing that's a Colts Snuggie. Whoever made this is my new BEST FRIEND because they are clearly made of PURE GENIUS!
Can be found on the home shopping network website item #465-518
Just sayin...


Today is Mackenzie's birthday...

She turned 15 and I can hardly believe it!
We call Kenz "Ginger" because of her hair. When we were moving across the country we used walkie talkies to communicate from the van to the moving truck. Kenz rode in the truck with Dad and when we wanted to talk to her we would say "come in Gingersnap"...the time Kian did it we about died laughing. But the name has stuck and now I rarely call her Mackenzie.
Calah made her this picture for her birthday...
it's a happy Ginger.

I digress...

Happy Birthday to my 15 year old sister! Sometimes we are the best of friends and sometimes we fight like crazy but that's just because we are 2 of a kind. Either way I still love you and am so proud of all your accomplishments!

Every time I hear that Taylor Swift song "Fifteen" I think of you!

When you're fifteen feeling like there's nothing to figure out
Well, count to ten, take it in
This is life before you know who you're gonna be...

I love that you are my mini me...most days...sometimes it can be frustrating because I feel like I'm arguing with the 15 year old me...time warp. I love that you watch the same shows as me, listen to the same music as me and will do all that stuff with me. It's so much fun laughing and joking with you.

I hope you have a great birthday Ginger!
I love you!

it is kinda creepy how much we are starting to look alike...
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