Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lessons I Learned In 2016

Here we are again.  We all know my feelings on 2016 but even the worst of years bring lessons...usually the worst of years brings the biggest lessons.  So here are all the many important things I learned in 2016:

  • Expectations are the biggest double edged swords.  We are comforted in the belief that it is the truth, but it holds us back and keeps us from better possibilities
  • Don't place all of your happiness in other people.  The only person you can completely trust with that is yourself.  If you don't look out for you no one will.
  • Love doesn't always last, but if you keep your heart open you will always find someone to love again.  You can't find your soulmate with your heart locked away
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help.  We all understand what it means to fall on rough times.  Reach out to the people closest to you when you're in need.
  • Don't take the people in your life for granted.  Sometimes we are so worried about what goes on in our lives that we forget how much our presence means to our loved ones. 
  • Make everyday thanksgiving day.  Not the food (even though we can all agree there are few things better than mashed potatoes) but the way you think about the world.  Spend every day realizing just how many great things happen, so that when you're down on your luck you realize there is something to smile about. 
  • Sometimes you have to let people go.  We want to hold on because we think our love and attention can solve everything, but then we have nothing left for ourselves.  When someone leaves you drained after talking, or being with them, it's time to let go.
  • Learn to accept your flaws.  If you accept every part of yourself there will be nothing that can take you down.  You will be more invincible than Achilles.
  • Accept and acknowledge when you're wrong.  When you take a step down and let go of your pride, and stop pretending to be infallible that when people will be most comfortable to approach you.
  • Open up to people.  Share your soul with them.  If they are really meant to be in  your life they will stay and accept that part of you (even the terrible ugly parts).  The things that are really meant to happen, will.
Happy New Year friends and family.  2016 was incredibly challenging but I grew so much.  Cheers to 2017.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dear 2016

Dear 2016,

Hey.....we need to talk.  I think we should break up.  You're worse than Kelly on Season 11 of Real Housewives of Orange County (and that's like...really really bad).
It's not like I wasn't hopeful at first.  When we got together in January I was really excited.  My previous relationship with 2015 had been pretty difficult and full of growing pains.  And just like Elizabeth Taylor (R.I.P.) I thought a new relationship would be just the answer.  I'll admit...getting into a relationship with you was a gamble considering you were an election year BUT you didn't have Ebola so that seemed like a great step in the right direction.  We started off strong with Beyonce and Peyton Manning's triumphant Super Bowl win.  And Leo FINALLY won an Oscar! were giving me so much joy.  I thought "finally...a relationship I can count on".

And then March came around...from there on were the worst.  You overwhelmed me with your need for attention.  Between the Rio Olympic games, Harambe (R.I.P.),   and the election, I was on media overload.  Then you try to scare me with the threat of Zika.  That was a low blow after you knew about 2015's stunt with Ebola (yeah....I've mentioned Ebola twice was real).  I honestly wanted to leave you then but then I would have missed out on a new season of "The Walking Dead" with you and....I mean you kind of even ruined that but we won't go there.  I just have never felt secure with you.

I'll never forgive you for taking Prince, Gene Wilder, Bowie, Alan Rickman, Gary Marshall, and Alan Thicke, among others.  And I didn't want to mention this but....the mannequin challenge?  Really?  What was that???

Then came Brexit and the trash fire that was the 2016 Presidential election.  Through all the immaturity and anger....I just really don't see myself with someone like that.  I just don't want to be with you anymore.  To be honest?  None of my friends or family really like you either.  You're just the worst to be around.  So I guess this is goodbye.  You can take you terrible political nightmare with you but please....don't take any more legends with you ok?


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Drug Store Make Up Recommendations

So my friend Jen requested this post and I'm actually really glad she did.  I never get to play with or talk about make up anymore.  My life revolves around IV's, catheters, surgery, and a plethora of human bodily fluids.
I am very glamorous.
So obviously I would be the person to come to for make up recommendations.  I actually made a Snapchat video about a month ago about this very thing that I will try to add to this post.
So pause Fuller House, grab some hot chocolate, and pretend I'm a famous beauty blogger about to unlock all my best secrets....

Revlon Color Stay for Normal/Dry skin $10.99
I can't say enough good things about this foundation.  It goes on so well and stays on all day.  They also have every single shade.
Pricey comparison: NARS Sheer Glow $42

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner $7.99
I am obsessed with felt tip liquid eyeliner.  I think they are the absolute best and go on so smooth for that perfect cat eye.  Cat eye is kinda my thing's what I do.  This eyeliner is just as good as the expensive ones I've used and it seriously lasts forever.  I only buy like 2 a year and I use it every day.  At $7 each I would say that's a huge deal!
Pricey comparison: Lancome Artliner $30

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara $7.99
So everyone knows that I'm a huge mascara snob.  I am very picky and I don't devote myself to a mascara easily.  This is THE BEST.  I repeat THE BEST drugstore mascara you can own.  It fans lashes out so perfectly I want to kiss myself.
Pricey comparison: Too Faced Better Than Sex $24

Milani Baked Blush in "Luminoso" $8.99
I have a blush obsession.  Seriously.  I think I have like 15 different blushes.  I found this blush and fell in love.
Pricey comparison: NARS blush in Orgasm $36 (it's my one true love so please know I don't make this suggestion lightly)

And because I'm me....I have to include skin care.  I have found two wonderful skin care products both by Garnier that I'm obsessed with.

And that is that.  Jen...I hope it helps.  I'll stay on the look out and keep you updated.  And to everyone else....I know.  I'm like the plain oatmeal in the variety pack.  You can use all the fancy ones but'll have to use me.  On second thought....I could also use that line on my Tinder profile.
For my awkward video....{.here you go}

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