Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's been awhile since I posted a playlist :)  I hope you enjoy it!
If you've been listening to any good music lately share it with me in the comments!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good.....

Hi friends!  I know!  Quite the hiatus!  I was trying to think of what to write about as like a...."welcome back" so to speak....should it be fashion?  make up?  an open letter to Bradley Cooper accepting his marriage proposal???  The possibilities seemed endless....and then I went off Diet Coke for a week (yeah I know...again) and had a mental breakdown and did something crazy and even though it's super personal.....I'm going to share with you!  We're all friends here anyway right?
Do you guys remember how emotionally charged "Heads Up 7 Up" was in elementary school?  For those of you who didn't play this game and think I'm's a quick description.  So "Heads Up 7 Up" was like a roller coaster ride ESPECIALLY if your crush was one of the ones picking people and YOU were chosen.  And you stood up and crossed your fingers so hard that they were the ones who chose you and this was the start of your forever (yes....I was a semi-dramatic 9 year old)  The terrible thing they never tell you is that anytime you have feelings for someone it's going to be the same feeling.  Love is not a battlefield, it's a game of Heads Up 7 Up and we're all just hoping that the person we've picked has already picked us.
Where am I going with this?  Well recently I had these feelings for someone.  This is how I usually react when I have feelings for someone: I get weird.  I actually put a TON of distance between me and that person so that NO ONE will start to pick up on how I feel which makes absolutely no sense but it's what a lot of us do.  This time I did something completely out of the norm.....and I told that person about how I was feeling.
And it was TERRIFYING.
I will be honest with you...this did not end up exactly ideally but it wasn't terrible and there is a HUGE freedom in just saying what you're feeling!  So I guess I tell this story just because it was a huge lesson for me.  Saying how you're feeling is never going to ruin you.  Yes at times you could feel uncomfortable or awkward but the actual pain comes from the regret of the unsaid.
Whatever you need to say....say it.  Don't wait.  Apologize, say "I love you"....whatever it is.  You will never regret it.  I promise.
On that note....I have some things I need to say to Adam Levine that can't wait and that I almost certainly WILL regret....
I hope you're all doing well.  Thanks for sticking around....look forward to an actual update filled with pictures and news!  Yeah...I know you're looking forward to that.  I leave you now with a picture of me and my dog....because I know you've missed these.

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