Friday, May 29, 2009


So last night I was finally able to watch the pilot episode of the new fall Fox show
I fell in love immediately.
The show is funny, smart, and brilliant.
PLUS it is filled with great music!
The kid in it is obsessed with 80's music...especially Journey and I pretty much felt as if I had met my soulmate.
For those of you who don't know the show is about a Spanish teacher who was once in the Glee Club at the same school he teaches at.
When the glee teacher gets fired he offers to take over but he program is greatly overshadowed by the "Cheerios" or the performing cheerleading squad. Because all their budget goes into football and cheerleading the principal tells this teacher that he will actually have to PAY $60 a month to keep glee club around.
The teacher has been married to his high school sweetheart/cheerleader for 5 years and she is a total...not nice person who wants him to quit glee. In the meantime he has another teacher at the school who has a big time crush on him but he is of course oblivious. The kids who are in glee are all rejects until the captain of the football team gets "tricked" into joining.

If you get a chance watch it at
I promise you won't be disappointed.
In the meantime check out this video of the kids singing their song "Don't Stop Believin"...if that didn't get me hooked on this show I don't know what would! :)

Don't Stop Believin Kids...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Once Upon A Time At the Hospital...

So I have a couple of stories to share and I guarentee NONE of you can one up me on these ones...
On Sunday night we had another code. It was very sad and unexpected and the guy didn't make it. To make a long story short, the funeral home could not pick up his body until IOPO (Indiana Organ Procurement Organization) got a hold of the family for consent for donation. So he was just kind of hanging out...which I know sounds really gross. In the meantime we were told we were going to have an admit- a seizure patient that they needed this guy's room for. "Well what are we going to do with the body?" was the question on everyone's mind.

My clinical manager came down- who I love- and asked if I would help her transfer the body to another room...seriously?

So we move him to the back part of the unit- which is well known throughout the hospital for being haunted. (It's the old maternity floor and many nurses have heard babies crying before when the unit is quiet...and I once had a patient who was talking to babies in her room...creepy)
I was slightly disturbed.
THEN because it might be awhile until they can come get the body, we are told we are going to have to take him to the morgue.
So my friend Allison (who is a nurse) asks me if I'll go with her. So we go down, get the cart from the morgue (which is the creepiest and most disturbing place I've ever been to....I saw stuff in there I could have gone my whole life without seeing).
The morgue (or "body holding" which is what the sign says...yuck) is located in this concrete boiler room that also holds gardening tools and giant wooden slats...uh yes hello...Saw III? I think a scene from your movie is missing...

(not quite as bad as this but awful close...)

So we go back to get the guy to transfer him back down. At one point someone asks..."hey have you seen that movie 'Weekend At Bernie's?"
So we finally get him all situated and we hear this "beep beep....beep beep"
and Allison asks me "is that your watch?"
I say..."no...."
because it wasn't...
we look down...
it was HIS watch...
I made a face that was very similar to this one...

Finally we are able to leave and of course when we DIDN'T have a body- security was there within 2 minutes to let us in but when we do have one it takes them 15 minutes to come down while we are just hanging out in the creepy concrete room hoping the lights all don't shut off and we start hearing carnival music or something.
It was disturbing.
Now for story number 2
Last night I walk into one of my patient's rooms. I hear that he is maybe using the urinal in bed so I stand back to give him some privacy. All of a sudden he pulls out his drinking cup from in between his legs and sets it on his bedside table. I can hear the ice still swishing around in the cup. I look down at the cup...sure enough...yellow.
I ask "Sir, did you just urinate in your drinking cup?"
His response "Yep."
Anyone order the "Pee on the Rocks?"

I love my job.

American Idol and others...

Ok so I know I've been a total slacker so here is my lowdown on the whole American Idol thing...
I was sad to see Allison go...and I was also sad to see Danny Gokey go because that meant that this kid...

was still in the competition.
Now don't get me wrong...he is a talented guy but I think he is way too into himself and I just think Kris is so cute and such a good guy and I just like the sound of his music more. I mean listen to this remake he did of Kanye West's song..."Heartless"


I mean...brilliant right?

So the finale came. The last episode the guys had to sing 1 song chosen by themselves, one by the creator or ex.producer Simon Fuller and then the 3rd was a song written by my favorite person

Kara DiogohomewedontwantyouonAmericanIdolanymore

or DioGuardi

The guys both had their good songs and then they had to sing some cracked out song about surviving hurricanes and climbing mountains....
ok seriously Kara? I think you have the wrong show...this is American Idol...not Survivor- besides you think that Adam would even be on this show if it had anything to do with mountains or inclimate weather? No he would be too worried that his hair wouldn't be straight or his Guyliner would smudge....

and his pants are way too tight for that kind of adventure.


the final night was a great show...big names, big performances...good stuff.
And in the end....Seacrest (looking as pretty as ever) announced....this year's American Idol is....


I was so happy!

Congratulations Kris! You deserve it!

Look on the bright side Adam...maybe you'll get a deal with CoverGirl?

And in other good news....Shawn Johnson won "Dancing With the Stars"!
I really would have loved for Melissa to win but I'm happy for Shawn too!
This is my favorite dance of theirs....skip to about 2:00 to see the actual dance....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mam

This is a post I wrote a while back for my Grandma...Mam. Today is her birthday. I miss her a lot. I thought I would re-post this one in memory of her.

I miss you Mamsie

So tonight we as a family started watching home movies (a favorite past time of ours) and after everyone went to bed I decided to pop in the good know the ones labeled "Vanessa" or "Our cutest daughter Vanessa" or maybe "The best child ever to grace this earth...Vanessa"....those tapes. Little did I know what was in store for me. When I was younger I was in a performing group called "Sunshine Generation" (and yeah it's as cheesy as it sounds). We performed a song that is very well known--What A Wonderful World. And we would sign it. Well this particular performance I am 3 years old and my Mam used to always tell me growing up how because of that performance, everytime she heard that song it would make her cry because she thought of me and the words of the song. How was I to know that 18 years later it would be me that would cry everytime I heard that song. For those of you who don't know my Mam (grandma on my Mom's side) was diagosed with renal cancer summer/fall 2006. She underwent surgery and they said she was fine. Later on she relapsed and became very sick and on June 22 2007 she died. I will never forget that phone call. The second worst phone call I've ever gotten in my life. My Mam was probably my first best friend. Because my dad was out of work at the time it wasn't financially possible for any of us to go see her before she died and I will forever regret the fact that I never got to say good bye. It has made me live differently though. I think of all the phone calls that I rushed through because I was busy or the letters and cards that went unresponded too because I just didn't have time. I wish that I could have just one more phone call with her. To tell her how much she meant to me. So I will say it now.
Thank you Mam for being my best friend.Thank you for playing with me and not complaining about it...even when I made you crawl into a small playhouse and refused to let you leave.Thank you for those letters and cards and phone calls.Thank you for coming to all of my silly performances.Thank you for listening to me.Thank you for taking my side even when I was wrong.Thank you for picking me up when I fell down (figuritively as well as literally).Thank you for making me feel special and loved.
Sometimes it is hard for me and there are days when I forget she is gone- she didn't have a funeral so there was no place for that closure. You know when you have a dream and you forget the difference between dream and reality for a minute and then you figure out and reality just smacks you in the face? That is what it is like when I remember my grandma is gone. And then I think about all the things she never got to see me do: she never got to see me figure my life out, to finally know what my calling in life was...even though oddly enough her experiance in a hospital and ultimately her death is what sparked that passion for the medical field in me- she will never see me graduate college, get married (ha) and my kids will never know her which is just such a shame for them because she was the best. There will never be a day that I don't miss her and her silly laughs and stupid jokes. Everytime I see the movie "Connie and Carla" I will remember the day we spent together laughing hysterically and eating weird Japanese chex mix. Whenever I hear our song...I will think of her. I can't wait to see you again Mam. I will try to make you proud.

I see trees of green and red roses too- I watch them bloom for me and for you and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ode to a Quarterback

Just want to give a shout out to my favorite quarterback on this...his 27th birthday.

Looking forward to a great season this last I can finally watch this...

without having to see this...
Although I could stand to see some more of this....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What a Man...

Last week at work I ended up working with all guys. Which is strange working in the nursing field but it happens to me all the time. The 2 nurses were guys and the other tech was a guy. A 12 hour shift with all this testosterone...I can't believe I made it out alive. It did give me the opportunity to engage in some great conversation though. A lot of times I really do prefer hanging out with guys than girls. So I was able to ask them questions and get inside the male mind (scary place...). Through my own life and through the life of my friends I have learned that there are hands you shake and hands you hold so to say. Some guys you should date and others you should NOT. My previous opinions on this subject were completely solidified in talking to these here is a condensed version for all you ladies out there. Watch out for these ones...

1. The "Bad" Boy

It's true what they say about these mom used to always have a saying when we were younger "first comes the laughing, then comes the crying"- this phrase sums up these guys. They are fun and maybe "dangerous"...sometimes they have this great dark emotional baggage and you want to be that one woman he "changes" for. The one who "gets" him. NEWS FLASH you are not the only girl who has ever thought that. If he seems completely dysfunctional and messed's because he is. Who needs more dysfunction in their lives?

2. The "make me an offer" guy

We can also refer to this one as the "player". The guy who is always surrounded by girls and playing it cool. He wants you to make him an offer he can't refuse. So he can you AND continue to date the other 3 girls he already was dating? Because most likely- he will. And then you'll be the one hanging out with 2 other guys I like to call "Ben" and "Jerry" feeling sorry for yourself because you should have seen it coming. should have.

3. The back up plan
This quote came directly from one of my friends she said..."I was friends with this guy and I was dating this other guy. Whenever I wasn't dating I would hang out with this friend...until he found out he was my back up and stopped hanging out with me".
Really? And what makes you think that you aren't that same person for some other guy? Isn't it funny how you can be dating this guy and things are going really well for awhile and then they cool down. Well that is normal right? And then out of the blue that guy will start texting you and calling you again and wanting to hang out again. If this happens to you more than once...go ahead and change the name on your birth certificate. It should now read "Back Up".

4. The George Clooney syndrome

Oh my favorite type. The guy who just "hasn't found that right girl yet" to "settle down" with. The ones who are not interested in a long term relationship. These guys want to hang out and spend time with you but one day you are going to wake up and realize that all you've been doing is spending time on a whole lot of nothing. Here's a hint ladies...hypothetically speaking- if you happen to be having a conversation with a guy about your greatest fears in life...and you ask him if he has any fears and...hypothetically if he answers "commitment"- he probably means it.

This syndrome is not to be confused with...
5. The Peter Pan syndrome

The boy who never wants to grow up. Guess what? If he doesn't want to- you certainly are not going to make him. You may end up just being a replacement for his mother. At least the ones with this syndrome are pretty easy to are some signs to look for
a. he carries his Playstation portable around with him everywhere and high fives you when he beats the other guy in "Mario Kart"
b. he had pizza for breakfast, slept through lunch, and will probably have that same pizza for dinner
c. he has a toy car collection that is "so rad"
d. he is working at Blockbuster while trying to "figure out what he wants out of life"'s a hint...all he wants out of life are free rentals for the above mentioned Playstation

One last piece of cardinal information...
NEVER NEVER EVER date a guy who smells like fabric softener. He either....
a. is taken
b. lives at home with his mom

Neither one of these options is ideal for a relationship.

I know for every type I've come up with there will be a guy out there with some great rhetoric. But in all actuality we know that the only reason men were created is so that God could teach us patience...
It's a jungle out there...good luck.
Oh and if you happen to see any tall dark handsome types riding around on a big white horse...give them my address.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Is it weird that I am oddly attracted to Spock?

I mean he was always pretty sexy...

But now?

And Captain Kirk?

Whoo Hoo what a difference 40 years makes!

Although...William Shatner is pretty sexy too.

Live long and prosper

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AI Run Down

Ok...American Idol.
Matt went home...sad but really who wasn't expecting it? I believe if you go back to look at my post last week you will clearly see that I totally called that one....yeah.
So anyway last night the theme was Rock and let me tell did NOT disappoint!
Let me make it clear to you that classic rock is in my top 5 favorite things of all time...right along side mashed potatoes, wearing scrubs, diet coke, and Zack Morris.
So I was excited.
Now among all my favorite classic rock idols there is one that I am truly, hopelessly, and endlessly in love with.
He is so completely major that he needs only one name ladies and gentlemen...and that name is
Even just hearing his name sends shivers down my spine.

Leaving his pure and brilliant talent aside...(I mean really WHO plays guitar like that???)

ANYONE who can totally rock it out while wearing leather pants, no shirt, no shoes, a top hat, an afro, while also smoking a cigarette (even though we shouldn't smoke will kill you)......GENIUS! HE COMPLETELY BLOWS MY MIND! that I've gotten THAT out of my system...
The American Idol kids had no idea what a treat they were in for. Their mentor this week? Oh I don't know just some guy by the name of
(Did you feel the shivers?)
At the point where my little sweetheart Kris started playing guitar with
I pretty much wanted to jump through the television screen.
I mean it could NOT get any better than that....
I'm still breathless.
So for the performances...
Adam went first and he decided to sing "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin and be honest..was worried. I LOVE Led Zeppelin as well and if you've ever listened to them you know that Robert Plant has that whole high falsetto thing going for him too so I was waiting for the inevitable moment where Adam screamed at me and I heard dogs barking.
It never came.
What? He actually did a terrific job...except for really Adam...let's start working on toning down the "sexy eyes"...there are about 10 other men in the world who I would rather be giving me those are not on the list and I'm pretty sure Simon isn't impressed either.
Next up was Allison and I was really excited to see what she would end up singing because she also has that great rock quality voice. She sang "Cry Baby" by Janis Joplin and I loved it! Huge fan of Janis, huge fan of Allison, and when you combine the's just lovely. The judges were really harping on her tonight though....and seriously...Kara? I'm SO OVER YOU! Go home! I would trade Anoop for YOU!...ok maybe not.
Sorry....I digress.
We then took a break from the competition to shake it up a bit. Duets. First of the night was Kris and Danny singing "Renegade" made famous by Styx. I loved their was good stuff.
Kris then gave us a delightful musical snack in the form of "Come Together" by the Beatles. Also loved it. The judges...not so much. Even Paula wasn't on her weird trippy "you can be anything you want" kind of moods. It was very strange.
Then darling little Danny Gokey came out to sing. Poor kid. I was really wondering what he would decide to sing because really- thinking about him singing rock was kind of giving me the same image as Eminem in a boy band.
He chose "Dream On" by Aerosmith which is a completely brilliant song by a completley genius band. There is a note in that song which Steve Tyler frankly BARELY gets away when Danny decided to sing that note I wanted to shout "Abort!" "Abort!"
But he did it anyway.
And just as I suspected...yikes.
That is where I will leave that one at. Although I did like his outfit.
Then Adam and Allison rocked it out to "Slow Ride" and it was fabulous! They should totally do a duets album...I want to hear "Islands in the Stream" next time....and I think Adam should probably sing Dolly's part.
Just sayin.
All in all though it was a quite enjoyable night. I will be very interested in seeing who ends up leaving.
So there ya have it.
Rock On Folks
Me and

Ok I'm done...really.

P.S. You can click on the performers names and it will link you to the videos on youtube.
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