Thursday, July 31, 2008

Adventures In Babysitting

So I've babysat for this family for a long long time and their girls and their family feel like my own. Abi is 7 and Bella is 3 but I've been babysitting them since Bella was just a baby. They both have such individual personalities. Abi is sensitive and emotional (a teeny bit of a drama queen..but I think that's how we connect..) and can be a bit bossy (I know I know...), Bella is funny! She is such a little smart alic and witty even at 3 years old. She also has a VERY inventive imagination. I thought I would share a Bella story with you for a good laugh. I went over there a couple weeks ago and in the midst of playing Bella told me that her friend Lauren was in heaven. The conversation then proceeded like this:
Me:"Bella I'm sorry to hear that...what happened?"
Bella: "She died"
Me: "Oh that is so sad"
Bella: "Yeah she got eated by a shark"
Me: (confused)"A shark??? How did that happen?"
Bella: "She was swimming in the ocean and a shark just came and eated her"
*I was so confused at this point...did this really happen? Why hadn't their mom told me to be sensitive to all these feelings and emotions this poor 3 year old is going through....? Luckily Abi was there to help me out...
Abi: "Lauren is her imaginary friend"
Oh...I get it yeah a little creepy but hey...we can't control what our imaginary friends do all the time right?
So later that afternoon I talk to Wende (the mom...who I love!)
Me: "So...Bella told me a great story today"
Wende: " met Lauren huh? Yeah that poor girl has died 15 times and different ways everytime...a shark attack is new though"
Fast forward to this week when I watched them...Bella wanted me to dress her baby so I asked her some questions about her bundle of joy...
Me: " So what's your babies name?"
Bella: "Angela...she's not my baby. She's my sister"
Me: "Oh really? Where is your mom?"
Bella: "She died"
Me: "That's did she die"
Bella: "She got shooted"
Me: "Really?! By who?"
Bella: "The bad guys"
Me: "Well who is your mom?"
Bella: "Lauren"

Of course. Poor Lauren didn't stand a chance. So the three year old is obsessed with death...hmm..not sure how I feel about it. If she wasn't so darn cute I might be a little weirded out (i.e children of the corn, i.e the bad seed)...but then I wouldn't have this blog to post! I looked through and found some of my favorite pictures of the girls. I really do adore them!!!

Isabella "Bella"

Kian and Bella last summer

Bella, Me, and Kian last summer

Me and Bella on the day of Lauren's shark attack...


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Four and More

A) Four places that I go over and over and over again
1. Target
2. The hospital...I love hospitals
3. Michigan
4. Anywhere where friends are

B) Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
1. Capital One
2. National City
3. Becky/Eric
4. Sephora
Glad I have friends at corporations!!!

C) Four of my favorite places to eat:
1. Carrabbas
2, Brick Oven ( I miss it!)
3. At Becky's house
4. Chammps

D) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. California
2. Michigan
3. Italy
4. Bed

F) Four TV shows I watch over and over
1. ER
2. One Tree Hill
3. The Office
4. Psych
I also saw the Batman movie last week in Michigan and realized I didn't share my my thoughts are....LOVED IT and Heath Ledger was fantastic.

Also I may be in love with Batman (Christian Bale) that is...I have had 2 dreams about him since seeing the movie.

But I'm just going to let you know that I loved him before anyone in a delicious musical snack of a movie called "Newsies"...if you haven't seen it....DO IT! It will be one of the best things you do this year.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Exciting News!

I wanted to say that I am so excited because I got the job at the hospital that I've been dying for! I'll be going to an information session on August 6th and I'll have to take an entry level exam (high school reading, language, and math) to be able to get it so the job is conditional on me passing....which kind of makes me nervous because if I don't pass I can't re-apply for another 6 months...bummer. But I'm studying hard and getting ready and I feel confident. I can't wait to get my foot in the door to do what I love!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Vanessa's (mis)adventures in Michigan...

So I recently got back from the beautiful Lansing Michigan where I took a much needed R&R. I stayed with my Aunt Brita and had a very memorable time. Probably the most memorable experience would be me getting locked out on a balcony on the second floor for 7 hours in the middle of the night...yeah I know what you're thinking "Only Vanessa...." trust me...I know. So I volunteered to do my aunt's laundry for her one night (she has fibromyalgia and it's really hard for her to do things) and I went to go get the laundry out of the dryer. The clothes weren't ready and the laundry room was REALLY I think "hmm...wouldn't it be nice to sit out on the balcony and enjoy the cool night air?" so out I go onto the balcony. As the door is closing I think to myself..."I wonder if that door locks"...CLICK. And there I am...outside. Some facts you should know
1.) My aunt's apartment building consists of mainly people over the age of 60. She is the youngest one there at the age of this means that they go to bed very early.
2.) This happened after midnight. can see my dilemma. My aunt had gone to bed and everyone in the complex had gone to bed and I'm outside locked out. I of course didn't have my phone with me (the one time in my life...) I didn't know what to do. In my mind I honestly thought that I would be rescued somehow...where is Batman when you need him right? one came. Right around 3 AM I started crying. You may ask "Vanessa...why didn't you call for help or knock on a window" well because they are old and I didn't want to be responsible for someone having a heart attack. 2 people had already died since I was there...and this was on my second day (cheery place). So I thought about calling for help but I was a little embarrassed that my stupidity would cause some old arthritic person to save me. I couldn't even go anywhere...I looked didn't seem far and frankly the choices of sleeping outside or breaking my leg was really a toss up at that point. But then I had a brilliant idea....I had my hair bobby pinned back...I could pick the lock!!! I mean George Clooney did it in Ocean's 11, Jason Bourne does it....James Bond I figured I was just as good as them. Well let me tell you...HOLLYWOOD LIES!!! This method does not work. Don't even exhaust yourself will fail and your hopes and dreams of freedom will crumble to the ground along with your dignity. I figured that if I just made it to 5 AM someone would come (old people always get up at 5 right...) well a lot of people got up...I saw many lights/TV's go on but not one person close enough to save me was then I thought ok...6:00 for sure because some old person will want to have a nice early morning walk...not the case. Finally around 7 am my white knight showed up...he wasn't on a horse...he was an old man going out to smoke but he looked beautiful to me. "Are you out here smoking?" he said. "Oh no I'm just doing laundry" (I didn't care to tell him that I had been doing laundry for 7 hours...) Where was my aunt might you ask...why wasn't she missing me and wondering why the lights were all on and my bed hadn't been slept in...well as I entered the apartment there is Brita...reading the paper, drinking coffee "Good morning sweetie"....."Good morning!???...I haven't even gone to bed yet!" I proceeded to explain the night's events. She felt really bad...she thought that I had forgotten the laundry the night before and in a panic had jumped up to go get the laundry at the crack of dawn (yeah right...when has anyone seen me get that excited about anything at 7 am let alone laundry). So anyway....moral of the story is....DON'T GET LOCKED OUT ON A BALCONY!...or invest in Spy School where they can teach you all you need to know about McGyvering your way out of any situation. Other than that my trip was really good. I had a blast and got to see some fun places full of it's the home state of my Red Wings! I'm really and truly considering moving there....but maybe on a first floor apartment...
I went back to the scene of the trauma (seriously I think I'm emotionally scarred for life) to take some pictures for your enjoyment! :)

MSU Spartan stadium...Go Green! Go White!

Hobie's...the coolest place on earth!

Inside of Hobie' is full of great memorabilia

Again inside Hobie's...people get the sign the ceiling...they've had the mayor, all different sports stars from MSU, musicians...etc...very cool.

Close up of the ceiling

The infamous balcony...

A diagram I made...the blue is the exact balcony...the magenta circle is my aunt's apartment window and the green circle is the apartment I almost knocked on...

The chair that I got to sit on all night

The view from the outside (don't worry I had a key when I went back to take this picture)

The view from the balcony looking down...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independance and having no life...

So I celebrated our was super as I took pictures to prove it. Also I've been thinking and I think it might be slightly pathetic that I posted like 4 times in the past 2 days...I guess that's what happens when you get the day off work....oh well.

Dad and Kian... Me and Sis

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic time celebrating our independence from Britain...those rascals. Ok well....I'm off to watch fireworks and see what miscreant activities I can get involved in...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Golfing With Pirates

So yesterday we went out and went golfing at the Pirate Place...let me tell fun! I don't know why I've never know about this place's fantastic. Pirates+Mini Golf=pure genius. Here's some pictures including the brilliant shot I made which by some force of freak nature...ended up landing in the water pond.

A Blogging Virgin...

So I'm just starting this and I must say that it is more difficult to figure out than anything I've ever done on the internet? How is it that my mom can figure this out but I can't? Oh well....I'll continue later once I figure this stuff out!
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