Monday, September 29, 2008

5 am? Seriously?

Picture this for a moment. It's the middle of the night (Well...5:00 am but it's practically the same thing). A light goes on in a house in Fishers. A girl stumbles to the bathroom and half haphazardly throws her hair in a ponytail...and scrubs her face so she looks alive. She then grabs her running shoes, a bottle of water, her trusty iPod, and her 14 year old sister...and they embark on a beautiful (dark) early morning walk/jog. That girl was me. Vanessa Louise Nelson. What??? Vanessa got up willingly and didn't commit homicide? Yeah...that's right ladies and gentlemen. This really happened...I really did get up this morning (actually at 4:30 but that's a different story) and went for a jaunt through the neighborhood. Besides the fact that it was cold for the first 10 minutes and Kenz almost fell into a man hole in the was pretty enjoyable. We are going to continue doing this every day this week and see how we like it. Needless to say I will probably be falling directly into my bed in about 1 hour and not waking until 5 tomorrow morning. Shout out to the Nortons because we walked past your house. I'll let you know how I feel tomorrow and if I"ll be doing life in prison.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Shades of Grey's (and a Spoiler)

Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was born in 1986 and had big blue eyes with long eyelashes (but once she got glasses, nobody knew that and then she was just a nerd). As a kid, she liked to read and make up dances to Paula Abdul songs. She tried really hard to have friends and wasn't always successful. And most of the time she ended up having to hang out with her sister. And she had a lot of pent up feelings of rejection. Then a show came out called Grey's Anatomy. Every time she would feel alone or stressed out, she would watch Grey's Anatomy. Soon she just started to refer to it as "her show" and downloaded every song that was EVER on Grey's Anatomy episodes, and decided that one day she was inevitably going to name one of her future daughters Izzie. When Denny died in season 3, she couldn't stop crying for days and it was borderline embarrassing. Anyway, so this show became her favorite thing ever and she watched it obsessively for years and years. And then she blogged about it and hopes that you don't think she's weird for obsessing over a TV show so much. The End.

Grey's Anatomy came back this week! I watched it. I loved it. I should maybe get a life.

Also in television news...I'm very upset with the end result of the season premiere of ER. Now...I have seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of it's entirety...all 15 glorious seasons. And I am never expecting someone who I love to die. (case in point...Dr. Greene...I don't even want to talk about it.) So when the KILLED Dr. Greg Pratt in the FIRST episode...needless to say I was NOT happy.

That's all I wanted to say.
Grey's Rules...and I'll still watch ER.

Life Lessons

Things I have learned in my 21 years of life...
(the abridged version)

1. Diet Coke really is the most wonderful thing ever developed by human hands.

2. Sometimes playing stupid works.
Example: Saying to your significant other "No babe I have NO idea why there is a text message from (insert hot ex name here) on my phone! How did that happen???"
(Because let's face it...we all love to be adored by ANYONE who is texting us..doesn't matter who it is.)

3. An illness does not exist unless a celebrity cares about it too
This also applies to all inhumane things happening in other countries. It's a little known fact but Genocide wasn't happening in Darfur until George Clooney cared about it.

4. Do NOT go through the self check out lines at the grocery store between the hours of 9-11am.
Old people= you standing with your groceries for 15 minutes while they get all their coupons scanned.

5. Getting your hair highlighted really can change your day.

6. ALWAYS moisturize
...and I'm serious about this one. Someone I know (me) went through I terrible case of dry flaky skin on her (my) face and trying to put make up on dry skin is just disgusting.

7. Good excuses to use when your Dad gets mad because you've TiVo'd too many "vapid and shallow"* shows and he can't record his "oh so important and life lesson involving" crime shows are...

1.) But Dad...they are showing me how NOT to be
2.) I'm going into the medical field so Grey's Anatomy is actually more of a tutorial
3.) If I don't watch them then I won't be able to talk to other people about them and then I'll look like a boring loser and I'll have no friends and I'll never get married and then I'll live with you forever (this one works pretty good)
*Vapid and shallow shows include but are not limited to: "The Hills", "Beverly Hills 90210", "One Tree Hill" (pretty much all shows with the word hill in it), "Grey's Anatomy", "Gossip Girl" etc...

8.) If all else fails...cry
This works 94% of the time.

I'm sure I'll learn more and I live more life...but this is just a start. I'll keep you updated so that you can learn these important lessons with me.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot...

Oh the pure joyness of getting a wellness check before you start a job at the hospital (did you happen to hear the hint of sarcasm in my tone? It was subtle so I was just checking...). I arrived promptly at 9:15 am to the hospital and completed my required paperwork forms (as a disclaimer can I just say that it was a very early morning for a night owl like myself...I mean do people really get up at 7:15?...and also as a disclaimer for my grumpiness- I did not enjoy the blissfulness that comes with drinking diet coke this moring which is my coffee and gets me through the just give me some understanding ok?)
Moving 9:45 I had my wellness check appointment. The RN who helped me was a male and I had to try so hard to not laugh out loud because the term "male nurse" reminds me of the movie "Meet The Parents"...and the nurse's name happened to be Greg and I was thisclose to asking him if his real name was Gaylord...I was feeling sorta sassy (please see diet coke reference above)...but I refrained. So we went through an eye sight test which I passed after a slight misunderstanding about half circles (insert long drawn out story that makes me look like a dumb blonde).
Then he takes me into the bathroom...and I guess he expected me to pee in a cup but I didn't know this was going to happen so...I have problems peeing on command. We who suffer from this problem call it "bladder shy" and it's a serious and debilitating illness. So not to go into too much detail but my first attempt was not good enough so dear ol' Greg got me some water so I could try again later. In the mean time he gave me a TB test and drew like a billion tubes of blood. So after being felt up by a strange Dr. (so not a pleasant thing) and wearing a gown that was made out of paper towels (I'm not kidding)...I was cleared for being eligible to be an employee. Well I still didn't have to pee and I couldn't leave without doing I got more water. The drinking of the water is a whole story in and of itself.
The water was the following things:
3.)maybe toilet water
So after having to drink 2 tall glasses of it...I wanted to say "Hey Greg...I still don't have to pee but I might be about to throw up from the nasty hospital water you made me drink..."...but once again I decided to curb my attitude even though at this point I'm going through serious caffeine withdrawal.
In the end I was able to succussfully deliver them the specimen they needed and I was cleared to go (Yay for being drug free!!!)
And what did I get out of this whole ordeal? 2 bruises on my arm from needles and one sexy pair of nurses shoes. Go me.

*Hot nurse shoes provided by Debbie Orcutt
*All sarcastic comments provided by yours truly.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh For Cute!

I decided I needed to blog something out real quick...tonight I was told by some lady I didn't know...
"You are just so cute!"
A phrase I hear ALOT

Which was fine when I looked like this...

Or even when I looked like this (c'mon I was pretty adorable)

Or if I was one of these...

But now that I am of the ripe age of 21...I would much prefer people saying...
"You are a ravishing beauty!"
Which might only happen if I looked like this...

Well we all have to have dreams right?


Can I just say that one of the most exciting parts of my new job is that I get to wear scrubs??? I'm SO looking forward to it. I am so excited that I bought a set today. They are very cute...and maybe a bit pricier than the other pairs I will buy in the future...but they are my first pair so I decided to splurge.

Also on Friday at my meeting I get my picture taken for my new badge that I get to wear at the hospital...I'm thinking that I may wear my badge around the house for days and days...and out in public too...maybe WITH my new there's a good idea!

Oh I love my life.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Paging Dr. Nelson I'm not a Dr...yet. But you're looking at the newest member of Community North Hospital's PSP program. That's's official ladies and gentlemen. I was officially offered the position this morning. I'll be working night shift in the Ortho/Neuro unit starting out part time but hopefully they'll have the need for me to be full time soon. Orientation starts October 6th!!! What a relief to know that in a couple of weeks I'll be making more money AND having full health benefits. My Heavenly Father really took the reins on this one...and I couldn't be more grateful. To find a job that is going to open so many doors for me and provide me the education I need as well...oh life is good.

In other news...we had our Primary Program yesterday in church and let me tell you...WHAT A RELIEF! Trying to corral 10 Sunbeams on the stands is not an easy task. The kids loved being able to talk into the microphone but while waiting for our second part they got a little restless. Katie Marble wanted to sit on my lap (then she wanted to sit with Kalia, then she wanted to stand up, then she wanted to go sit with her mom....) she is such a sweetheart though. Then there was sweet sweet Layton McMahon who has the most precious face he can melt your heart in .3 seconds. He has a fascination with his mouth in the sense that he was licking the chair in front of him, eating my sister's bracelet (sorry Calah), and when it was his turn to say his part he promtly stuck the mic in his mouth....nice. Nathan Battraw is just a bundle of energy and wanted nothing to do with the whole thing...poor kid...I felt his pain. The kids' part was to tell something they are thankful for and I have to say Jacob Griffiths was probably my favorite...the delivery was the best part. Clear as day he proudly says "I'm thankful for cereal" oh Jacob aren't we all??? Kaia Wilson is a force to be reckoned with and when she says something she means when she adamently told Diana Talbot that "it is NOT our turn to sing!!!"...she meant business. Diana was heartbroken and I looked over at her and her big blue eyes were welling with tears...every nerve in my body went into panic mode (Abort! Abort! 4 year old about to cry....)so I quickly had her come over to me and assured her that we would be singing shortly. All in wouldn't matter if the kids all shouted and screamed and ran around the stage the entire time (which they didn't...thankfully)...I would still adore them. It is impossible to be frustrated with this bunch because they are really and truly just so fantastic. I have so much fun with them and love being their teacher...there is just something about those Sunbeams.
Well that's all for me...I have a day off work so I'll be able to get a lot done (ie watching Beverly Hills 90210) :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pink High Heels

I was tagged...and I also decided that I want a pair of sparkly pink high heels...or maybe any hot pink shoes will do...

Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours:

1. I LOVE the Golden Girls...I watch it almost every day.

2. I have a photographic memory

3. I have REALLY long arms...I mean...really, ask my family.

4. I can't sleep without a.)brushing my teeth b.)washing my face c.)checking the closet...I know but you never know who/what could be hiding in there...

5. I am absolutely 100% terrified of clowns.

6. I can't drink soda from a can without a straw. It hurts my teeth and I hate the taste of the can.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Entertainment at it's finest...

I discovered a new website that has kept me both entertained and I had to share it! It's called and you upload a picture of yourself and you can choose which year to have your face put into a yearbook photo there are crazy hairstyles and fashions and they are quite hilarious. This held my attention for at least 20 minutes...go try it out!!! I decided to post some of my pictures so you can see for yourself!

Can anyone guess which years are which???

Thursday, September 4, 2008

(Oh Random Thoughts)

I was thinking that it's been awhile since I updated my blog but the truth life has been completely boring. I had some crazy work drama happen (long story that will just make me mad so...we'll skip it), I went out with Rhi and had a blast! We got a baby shower gift for my friend Jen (more on that) and then went to Olive Garden and Wal-Mart which were so fun!- Truly if there is a way to make something ordinary...EXTRAordinary....we will do it. At Walmart I bought some CD's...first was a classic old favorite of mine that I have just worn out over the years....(drum roll please)...Journey: Greatest Hits. Seriously the best album of all time. Hands down. I just love the feeling I get when I hear the first chords of "Don't Stop Believin" is my go to song. The one that pumps me up before every big event that goes on in my life...and truly every other song on there is just as good. I play it almost every morning when I'm getting ready for work while singing (as loud as I can no doubt) to every song. IS there a better power ballad than "Open Arms"??? I think not. Ok enough of that. I hope I've successfully projected my love of all things Journey and Steve Perry related on to you....
The second CD I got was Abba Gold: The Greatest Hits...because who doesn't love Abba? Am I right? Of course I am.

Saturday I went to a baby shower for one of my best and greatest friends in the whole world. Jen Chaput nee Dearth. It was fantastic. My present (s) was (were) fabulous (if I do say so myself)...the mother to be was beautiful as usual...and I got to see my long lost friend Dee(ana) Lahti who moved to LA to be an actress and will take over the world one day...for real. It was SO fun!
Sunday was church and let me tell you something...I am completely in love with my Sunbeams! They are just so adorable! Even when one is yelling at the other, one is completely turned around in their seat, one is trying to tell me 15 things at once, one is trying to climb out the window etc...all they have to do is smile at me and they melt my heart. I'm thinking of making a post every week just of funny/sweet things they are a couple of my favorites from this past Sunday...
Kaia Wilson...what a girl! When asked in Primary what things we need to be happy she yells with all her might "AIR!" and then she always has a hilarious that stands out in my mind is the time she told pretty much everyone that she had a dream that her mom's face fell off...she is such a character and I adore her.
Kalia Smith in Primary was asked the question..."What do we need to be grateful to Heavenly Father for?" she answers (quite intelligently) "Cupcakes"...that's my kind of girl.
Katie Marble...maybe the cutest girl I've ever seen came up to me and taps me on the shoulder then points to her shoe. I look and it seems as though she has something growing out of her sock. I asked what was in her sock...she smiled and pulls out this little stuffed chicken. I laughed so hard I thought I would cry.
Those are just the ones that I remember...they are all so great though. I just love them.
I am signed up for Netflix and this weekend I decided to have a Vegas themed weekend so I got the movies "21" and "What Happens in Vegas" they were both really good. I loved 21...and now I want to become a Blackjack expert. And "What Happens in Vegas" was surprisingly...very funny.

Football season is starting and I'm SO excited!!! Since I was too late to sign up for my uncle's fantasy football league...I'm have my own. It's great because I get to have whoever I want on it.

"Gossip Girl" and "One Tree Hill" came back Monday night...which I just couldn't be more thrilled about. And on the subject of television...On Monday they had a Beverly Hills 90210 marathon on SoapNet and I fell in love with that show all over again!!! I started Tivoing it now and I can't wait to come home from work and find out if Dylan and Brenda are still together, which girl Brandon is going to date next, and what is up with Donna and David...

Tomorrow I have my shadow experience at the hospital and I am so excited for it!!! Wish me luck!
I think this post has gone on for long enough...I guess I didn't realize how much actually has happened lately! :)
All good things!
*Side note...I did not realize until just now while re-reading this post how many ()parentheses I used through out this apologies...
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