Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shuttin Detroit Down and it Has Nothing to do With Pigs...

I am a huge lover of country music. Mostly because the way they sing and write is so heartfelt and emotional. People stereotype country music to be about "your dog dying, your mama dying, your wife leaving, your husband cheating, losing a job, etc. etc." But if life were perfect and there were no conflicts to resolve where would ANY artform be?
There is a song by Sugarland called "Very Last Country Song" and the chorus goes...

If life stayed the way that it was
And lovers never fell out of love
If memories didn't last so long
If nobody did nobody wrong
If we knew what we had before it was gone
If every road led back home
This would be the very last country song

That being said...I also love country music because they sing about tough issues. Alan Jackson sang a song called "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning" and Darryl Worley one called "Have You Forgotten" both of which are about September 11th. Toby Keith has the "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue" song about the war in Iraq. Dixie Chicks "I'm Not Ready to Make Nice". All these deal with political issues in one way or another. Now I know groups like U2, Green Day, etc..also write songs about political issues but it seems that they are all very democratically based...go figure. Now I'm not one who normally preaches about politics. Yes I have my opinions on issues and I am more than happy to debate my point of view (just ask my sister) but lately I feel like there has been a huge injustice done to the working people of our country. My mom has blogged about it numerous times probably because she is VERY vocal about her opinions on political issues but also because she is seeing this stuff happen in a place where she grew up so it hits close to home. I watch CMT pretty much every morning and lately one video that keeps playing over and over again is one by John Rich formerly of the group Big and Rich called "Shuttin Detroit Down". It's all about he auto industry in Detroit. Hundreds of people are losing their jobs and in turn losing their homes etc. The video is very moving as are the lyrics of the song. One line says something about how a man who has had a steady job for 3o years now "can't afford to die"...literally. What really makes me mad is that....HOW MANY BANKS HAVE BEEN BAILED OUT??? How many big corporations CEO's have had bonuses? But we can't "afford" to help the auto industry??? Really?
I read somewhere someone who said "I think that this new "Change" is a much bigger epidemic and problem than swine flu"
Amen to that.
Everyone should please watch the video HERE it will change your life.

American Idol Update!

That time of the week again that I know you all look forward weekly break down of American Idol.
So last week TWO people had to go home and guess who they were...?
Lil Rounds and Anoop
Just goes to show that if you don't have a real name...they WILL be purchasing you a one way ticket back home.
I felt a little bad for Lil Rounds because when she started she really was seems the more hair they added to her head the worse she got...sad really.

Last night was Standards night...and boy the competition was really on!
First up was my new absolute favorite...Kris Allen who sang "The Way You Look Tonight"- which is probably one of my favorite romantic songs of all time. It's so sweet and sometimes can actually bring me to tears. Kris did great of course and I think he should win.

Next was my dear Allison Iraheta who sang "Somebody to Watch Over Me" which was good but I'm starting to agree with Simon when he said that she doesn't sing like she wants to win...there isn't that spark and passion that others have but nothing can dispute her vocal ability.

Matt Giraud sang "My Funny Valentine" and I loved it. Do I think he should win? No. But do I think he is great and really wants to stay? Yes. Good job Matt.

Danny Gokey sang a great classic "Come Rain or Come Shine" and I personally thought that it was his best vocal to date. He sang with emotion and energy and just did great!

Last was Adam Lambert...
He sang the song "Feeling Good" made famous by Nina Simone. This song just happens to be in my top 5 favorite songs of ALL TIME! So I was really needing him to live up to the high expectation I give to people who sing it. Michael Buble and Muse are the only ones who have ever done even half as good as Nina did singing this song. And I must say I quite enjoyed Adam's version. He really does need to tone down the screaming though...we get it Adam. You can stop shouting now. But bar none he did have the best intro to a song so far.

And that's about it...I don't think there has ever been a season who had 5 really amazing and talented people left in the competition at the same should be interesting to see who goes home tonight....quote me now it will probably be Matt going home...or Allison...maybe Kris though...or Adam..or quite possibly Danny.
You heard it here first.

Thank You For Being a Friend

Last week Bea Arthur...beloved character of Dorothy on "The Golden Girls" passed away...

The Golden Girls is absolutely my second favorite show next to Saved by the Bell. These ladies are so funny- I love their home decor and their different personalities. I hope that someday when I am old and widowed (or the way we are going right old maid)...that me and my friends can live in Miami and have all sorts of exciting adventures. So here's in loving memory of Bea Arthur and also Estelle Getty who passed away last year.

Stay Golden folks

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So all through my life there was something that I yearned for and still have never had...
Ok now before I sound completely pathetic...let me clarify. I have friends. Lot's of friends...I mean on Facebook I have like...140 friends. But I have never had that group of friends. You know the ones you see on:

Beverly Hills 90210

One Tree Hill

The OC,

or my personal fave...
Saved by the Bell.
That group of guys and gals who are forever friends. The ones you could go to with whatever problem you had no matter what time. The ones who would do anything for you. The ones who you could fight with but never stay angry with. The ones you grew up with and stayed friends with forever.
I envy ANYONE who ever had this group.

Who would I make an amazing all girl band with?

Who would I go with to the hoe down themed senior prom?

Who would I run a teen line with?

Who was I supposed to go to when I got hooked on caffeine pills and couldn't stop?

I mean really...what a dilemma.

I still long for and envy these if any of you know of a cool gang of kids I can join...let me know.
And remember...there's no hope with dope.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beware of Dog

Wednesday nights are one of my favorite nights...for one reason...
This guy...
For those who don't have the PLEASURE of knowing who this is...I'll be happy to explain.

This is Dog the Bounty Hunter.

He is brilliant.

Every Wednesday night I watch as Dog and his team of family members hunt down yet another fugitive that has skipped out on their court date and is violating their bond.

The family includes...

Dog of course...not only is he genius but he is also sexy.

Beth...Dog's wife- she is the toughest woman in the world! Plus the way she can run while also staying balanced being pretty amazing in itself.

Leland...Dog's son- he is very funny

Duane Lee....Dog's other son

Baby Lyssa...Dog's daughter...always has to play the plant

Not only do I enjoy the acutal team members but I also enjoy the hunt. You see the fugitive. Lists of charges come up: drug trafficking, domestic violence, auto theft, possession,'s really a roulette of options. You see the mug shot and are briefed on the case. It's time to suit up and get ready for the hunt. Sometimes you have to call family members and they will rat the fugitive out. Other times it takes more guile and tact. How about the time that they were trying to catch a female who worked for an "escort service" and they used the son Duane Lee to play a guy who was looking for a "service" to lure her to the hotel to capture her. Sometimes they call the fugitive pretending to be someone else. Sometimes the fugitive runs...sometimes it takes days to find the fugitive, sometimes the fugitive or their family/friends become violent and they scrap right there in the street.

Here is the other part I like...

Dog and his family always give the fugitive the benefit of the doubt. Dog was once in jail for aiding in a homicide, his sons were both delinquent, and Beth his wife used to run with a rough crowd. They know how it feels to be in the fugitive's place and they always show compassion after they capture them. They tell them how this is the time for them to see the light- they help get the fugitives into rehab facilities....they teach them a better way. Many of their fugitives have gone on to work for Dog and his family.

Plus the show is in Hawaii so it's a beautiful scenery and you feel the spirit of Aloha.

If you get the chance...check the show out. I promise you won't be dissapointed.

Sometimes I think about becoming arrested in Hawaii just so I could have Dog bail me out and then I could hang with him.

Then I think about spending a night in prison....and I reconsider.

Orange isn't really my color.

Happy Hunting!

101 and I'm a plebotomist!

Wow everyone this is my 101 post! Can you believe it? I sure can't!
In other news...

I am a phlebotomist


I can now draw your blood. Just let me can come on over and experience my magical needle stick.

You know you want to.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again...

NHL playoff season...oh it makes me so happy.

The smooth glistening of the ice.

The satisfying slice sound the sharp skates make on that smooth freshly Zambonied ice.

The tingling sensation you get when the first chords of the playoff song plays on ESPN

The happy dance your heart does when your team starts out the first rounds of the playoffs with a perfect first 3 games.

I love you Detroit Red Wings

Oh and you too Henrik Zetterberg

Disco Inferno: An American Idol Update

So it's been a week since last week's American Idol update. Last week Matt was the one who was the bottom....but in a shocking twist of events the judges decided to keep him which means that tonight 2 people will go home...can you even HANDLE the suspense? I know me either. Last night was Disco night. Now...normally the word "disco" sends chills down my spine and the sudden urge to vomit arises. I'm not a fan of the 70's....what a horrible decade in history...however, I must say that this year I actually kind of enjoyed disco night. And the only reason why was because these guys ACTUALLY impressed me. They were (for the most part) able to take songs that normally make me want to drive a screwdriver through my skull and turn them into songs that I would consider downloading! I don't know if I've said this before but I really think that this season's group of people are BY FAR the most talented collected group EVER.
My favorites were pretty much the same....
Kris Allen is slowly edging his way up to my favorite guy singer. He comes up with the most incredible arrangements! He sang the song "She Works Hard For the Money" and turned it into genius. I'm so impressed by him...and did I mention he's totally adorable?
Allison Iraheta sang "Hot Stuff" which is clearly a work of lyrical genius. I really liked her arrangement and her vocals but as I was thinking I really wish she would have sang "Knock on Wood" instead or maybe a rousing rendition of "Raining Men"....I think if she re-arranged that song a bit she could have totally killed it. Fortunately for her she could probably sing the phonebook and totally kill it.
Adam Lambert ...I would have bet money that he would sing "Brick House" but he actually sang "If I Can't Have You" and I was preparing myself for yet another performance where he comes out....dances "sexy eyes" to the camera and then practically splits my ear drums on his last note because he sings so high. But this time he actually took a fast song and slowed it down and sang it as a ballad which I really enjoyed because he was becoming a one trick pony for me. Paula Abdul was turning into a "pool of abdul" because of his performance which sounds pretty gross. She said his performance was like he "ripped out his heart and left it there on stage" which is actually REALLY gross. I wouldn't go that far but it was good.
Danny Gokey sang "September". He did a great and solid performance.
Matt Giraud sang "Stayin Alive"....which was ironic...but not necessarily good. It wasn't bad but I really really like him and I'm so sad he isn't living up to his potential....

And rounding out my bottom 2 once again....
Lil Rounds....she sang Chaka Kahn's song "I'm Every Woman"....not well might I add.
And again...Anoop
Who invited this kid? Every performance of his makes me want to laugh out loud....sometimes for no reason at all. All the judges loved his performance....EXCEPT for the only judge who has apparently NOT had a lobotomy...Simon of course who said "mediocre at best" Thank you Simon...could not have said it better myself.

So now I guess it's up to America....and I'll be interesting in finding out the verdict. And what about you? Who did you feel had the hot stuff baby this evening?
Let me know.
Keep Boogie Oogie Oogie-ing all you Jive Turkeys.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bathing Suit Season..

As all of you are undoubtedly searching for that perfect summer suit might I make a couple suggestions...our first option is the "Monokini" which is like a one piece and a bikini combined...

This item is not to be confused with a "Man-kini"

There is a difference kids.
Happy shopping!

Cancer, Werewolf, or Barry Gibb?

That is the question.
So lately right around 2am I have started spiking a fever. Like 100.1 fever. Just at night. So strange. I noticed it about a week ago. So naturally I went into work at the hospital and started asking around...what could it be? No one could tell me. What good is working at a hospital if the best health advice they can give you is "go to the Dr." thanks for NOTHING guys. So anyway...I turned to my next best option. Web M.D. The place where anyone can be a Dr.! So I listed my symptoms and the options were endless....viral meningitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, mono, tuberculosis, syphilis...I mean really any of those were possibilities. My favorite part was that they ask if the fever came in conjunction with "coming in contact with anyone with an infectious illness"....uh no maybe just EVERY NIGHT AT A HOSPITAL WITH 30 PATIENTS!
Isn't it funny how when you are trying to diagnose yourself suddenly you have had EVERY symptom. I was going through the list thinking....yeah I HAVE had that. One of my other symptoms was clearly I'm thinking Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I mean that must be the only reason for my symptoms. Fatigue= cancer right? (Thanks Mom)

Thinking that I might get more info from a search engine I cleverly Googled the term "night fevers".
My options were
1. Night sweats and fever
2. Night Fever by the Bee Gees
At this point I'm thinking choice number 2 is so obviously what it is...I just have "night fever night feeeverrr....." Yeah.

As I was discussing these possibilities one of my favorite male nurses gave the great diagnosis...."maybe you are turning into a werewolf". Which clearly makes sense. Random fever just at night? I haven't started sprouting any unsightly body hair but I'm thinking it's only a matter of time...
For more on my other diagnosis check out the video below. Thanks Dr. Gibb.

Got Talent?

So I don't know how many of you have heard of the new sensation that is sweeping the web/tv world these days...
Susan Boyle
Ring a bell? No? I know normally a name like that wouldn't conjure up images of greatness (like say...a name like "Vanessa" would...) but lately this name has been the one on everyone's lips...
She is the ordinary woman who extraordinarily wowed the judges on "Britain's Got Talent"
When she was describing her life story to the hosts of the show she talked about how she was a 47 year old unemployed woman, had always taken care of her sick mother, she lived with her cats and she had never been kissed. True story.
So clearly it would mean that she would be a total train wreck on stage right? Well take a look...


Let's analyze this folks.
1. Look how disgusted Simon looks at the beginning.
2. Look how shocked everyone is that she is talented.

What is with that? Apparently in this world you have to look like this...

And certainly not this...

To be talented.
Look at all the "gorgeous" people who were SO ready to laugh at that woman when she walked onto that stage.
What now jerks???
The part that really irritates me is the fact that now Demi Moore is saying she is Susan Boyle's "biggest fan" and she "cried" when she saw the video.
Whatever DEMI! If you saw that woman in the grocery store you wouldn't even look twice at her!
So I say you go Susan Boyle. Thank you for showing the world that a normal decent woman who lives with a bunch of cats is NOT a seriously...thank you...because that will probably be my life in 20 years.

Twitter Schmitter

My biggest pet peeves (in no particular order)

People popping their gum
People chewing ice
People who are rude/demanding
The word "pet peeves" (what does that EVEN MEAN???)

So imagine my dismal discovery that OPRAH is using TWITTER

Let me just first clarify what "Twitter" is for those of you (who live in the Appalachian region or perhaps Siberia) who have not heard of Twitter.

Official description of Twitter (as given by me): Twitter is a computer site where one can post up to the minutes updates on what they are doing...right now.

Now let me just tell you that Twitter has actually been around for a year and a half. So why might you ask are you just now hearing about it?
Well the answer is simple and of course makes perfect sense...
Because Ashton Kutcher does it

Yeah...makes sense to me to.
I just think it's so funny that celebrities are so SELF INVOLVED that they automatically assume that we would all CARE what they are doing every second of every single day.
And guess what society? Jokes' on us! Because apparently we DO!

So in conclusion to my rant....let this be a lesson to our society- celebrities do not and should not control our world.
Now I have to get going...I need to check and see what Zac Efron is up to...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seacrest Out

I realized that I have yet to blog about American Idol...more feelings on American Idol.
So here we go...currently there is a Top 7 but since you missed out on all my many opinions...I will give you a run down on the season so far. judge. Kara DioShamalamadingdong....or DioGuardi. Apparently she is a song writer. And if I'm being honest she is a good song writer and many of the artists I really enjoy sing songs she has written...on the other one really had any clue who she was. And she bothers me because I think she wants to be the female version of Simon..which can't happen.

Second...Simon. I adore Simon. We are psychically connected in some way- every opinion I have on the contestants he usually has too and he vocalizes them so well. I have a feeling we are judge soulmates. And I'm jealous that he has more cleavage than me.

Third...Seacrest. Throughout this season I have also come to the shocking and slightly disturbing fact that Ryan Seacrest is in fact prettier than me. Facts of life.

Moving on to the contestants...
There were a few that I didn't care about at all...not even enough to remember their names. Recently Megan was eliminated. I really liked her voice but she became a hot mess on stage...nervous and such

...speaking of hot anyone seen Paula Abdul lately?

Anyway back to the contestants....

Scott McIntyre...

he was the guy who was blind. Which on one hand is really great that he was able to do the choreography and everything and he did so good....except with the singing. His singing sometimes made me wish I was deaf. It was just not good. And the way the judges patronized him really bothered me. Just because he is blind doesn't mean that you should be so shocked that he can do anything good...I mean Helen Keller was blind AND deaf so...what now?

Currently there are 7 left (until tonight when someone else gets eliminated)
My current favorites include...
Danny Gokey

he is so sweet, I love his voice, and his story is so sweet. He was married to his one true love and she passed away early. I commend him on following his dream and he always sings with so much emotion.

Kris Allen

he is first of all adorable and second of all he has killer vocal arrangement. He sang a version of "Aint no Sunshine" by Bill Withers that gave me chills

Allison Iraheta

this girl has got some PIPES! She is amazing and she is only 16! I am amazed by her.

In between

Adam Lambert
don't get me wrong...this guy is SUPER talented and every week I can't wait to see him just to see what crazy thing he came up with this week. I just think sometimes he seems a bit affected. I do like him for the most part though.

Matt Giraud

I REALLY like him but most of the times he doesn't live up to his potential...which disappoints me.
Not so much...
Lil Rounds

She used to be really good but she lost it somewhere....

Who invited this kid?

Anoop "Doggie Dogg"...yeah go ahead and just leave. I'm not a fan. He tries too hard. Last night he sang Bryan Adams "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" and to be honest I don't believe Anoop would do ANYTHING for me...let alone everything. Sorry buddy.

And that is my season of American Idol in a nutshell. I'll let you know how I feel about the rest of the season...

Nelson out.

Born to Be Wild and an Elephant Man

I thought I would take this opportunity to share a lifelong dream of mine. To be a biker. Like a true blue hog riding, leather jacket wearing, long beard flowing in the wind, helmet (let's be safe folks), Hells Angels....biker.

Or maybe a vespa with a cute matching helmet (let's be safe folks)

Here are the reasons why...
1. You get to make that sign that other bikers signal each other with....have you ever seen them do it? It is so cool! One biker drives by the other and they give a little wave with their 2 first fingers...very low and small below the them...they will do it. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a part of this secret club.
2. Vespas come in pink
Really...those are the only reasons but I think they are good ones.

Which brings me to my other discovery...another brilliant late night film entitled...

Tattoos and Tusks
The friendship between (or betwixt...really what is the difference between...or betwixt...those 2 words? Anyone know? Please share)...anyway...The friendship between a Harley Davidson biker and a bull elephant

Really. True story. Why are the creators of Animal Planet made of complete GENIUS!!!

I'm jealous.

So here is me wishing you a completly wonderful day filled with joy and Genius even betwixt (or between) all the rain and clouds.
Let's be safe folks

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Waffles After Midnight

Because of my night shift schedule I clearly don't have a normal eating schedule either. In the morning when I get home from work I will usually have something like a bowl of cereal or if there were any left overs from dinner the night before that sound ok. Then I sleep. When I wake up I'll usually have a snack and then I will eat "lunch" at work. On my nights off Calah stays up with me most nights and we watch movies and such. Right at around midnight or so is when I would normally have my "lunch" at work. This is also right around the time my sister decides she is hungry. The conversation usually starts out like this...
Calah: "Hey doesn't -fill in the blank- sound really good?"
Vanessa: "Yeah..."
C: "Yeah I wish I had someone to make it for me..."
V: "Yeah that would be pretty great"
She is clearly indicating that I make and serve her food...
15 minutes go by...
C: "Wow I really wish I had some -fill in the blank- right now...."
I usually just go ahead and make her what she wants about now because if I don't she'll talk about it constantly every 5-10 minutes for the rest of the night. Claiming that it's all she ever wanted and all she needs is -fill in the blank- to be happy...oh yeah're breaking my heart.
Last night it was waffles. We didn't have any waffle batter however so Calah went online and thoughtfully found me a recepie to make homemade waffle batter. I have had this really bad cold all week and really didn't feel like it but to spare the on going whining I went ahead and decided to make them and the recepie actually didn't sound that hard...we also took pictures to document our night...

Calah was obviously really quick to help me...thanks sister

Ingredients were prepped and mixed

I was getting really excited because I discovered I'm the best waffle batter from scratch maker EVER!

Calah loved them and I didn't have to hear her cry all night.
It was actually pretty fun...hopefully Calah won't start getting crazy ideas for random things she needs me to wedding cake or eclairs or something....I'll keep you posted.

Heart Like Memphis

She's got a smile like California
She's got a spirit like New Orleans
Eyes like the lights of New York City
Cool as a Carolina breeze
but underneath
She's got a heart like Memphis

These are lyrics to a new favorite song of mine...maybe because I recently discovered that I too indeed have a heart like Memphis. Last weekend Rhiannon and I took an impromptu road trip down to Memphis and then proceeded to go on up to Nashville.
Here are some things I learned on the road...

1. I do not like road trips on the day after I have just worked a 14 hour shift
2. Gas station bathrooms? Yeah maybe we shouldn't
3. If you drink Sugar Free Red Bull on an empty will feel like you want to vomit
4. DO NOT under any circumstances stop at a small gas station in may in fact be kidnapped.
5. Missouri is pretty much a boring landscape (as are Illinois and most of Arkansas)

Day 1

Once we actually got to Memphis it was a total blast. We first went to Graceland
which was just so amazing.
After Graceland we went down to the legendary Beale St. which is probably the most amazing street on Earth.
We were both completely exhausted at this point. I hadn't slept in over 24 hours and Rhi hadn't had much more sleep than me so we decided to just drive on up to our hotel in Nashville.
I have never been more excited to see a hotel room in my life. We immediately changed into comfies and collapsed on the bed before deciding that we were both pretty much starving. We discovered this amazing Italian restaurant. They deliver but we decided to make the trip to pick it up and I'm so glad we did. It is this little eatery called "Ceasar's Italiano" and it's kind of tucked away in this little corner. When we got there there was a lot of commotion going on and we discovered a whole group of young boys who were playing a rousing game of sidewalk football outside the resturaunt area. When we went inside one of the workers (or maybe co-owners?) told us about a back door so that we could avoid the commotion out front. She said "I don't care if they do it as long as they don't break my neon sign again"
It was just so made me feel like I was in one of those places where everyone knows everyone and you can let your kids wander and know someone is watching them etc...
So if you are ever in Nashville you MUST go to that place because the food was all homemade and so yummy!!
After that I pretty much collapsed and fell into a coma.

Day 2

The next morning was Country Music Hall of Fame day! That was such a cool place. Nashville in itself is a pretty cool place. I love music and I love country music and to see the place where so much of it started was just so amazing to me. We also went to the Parthenon. It's a life size replica of the original Parthenon in Greece including a 50 ft. replica of the statue "Athena" just like the one in the original before it was destroyed by the Romans. It was so cool!
We also went to an Aussie Footy game (Austrailian football) that Rhi's friend Joe was playing in.
We went back to the hotel after that so the guys could get cleaned up. We ended up in the middle of like 4 tornados that were passing in the area. Not so fun.
That night I started getting a really bad headache so I stayed home while Rhi went out with the guys. I ended up watching a 4 hour marathon of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" which is probably one of the greatest shows on earth. Right around midnight I started throwing up. Not so fun.
Sunday we got up and got on the road because I had to work a 12 hour shift that night.
Needless to say I was SO tired. But it was all worth it. Nashville/Memphis are both amazing places and I hope to be able to go back when I have more time/money to explore and see. I highly recommend it to anyone!
There is another song that Marc Cohn sang called "Walking in Memphis" that I now get chills whenever I hear just because I've seen all those places he talks about and it's just so cool.
Anyway....I think I've almost recouperated although I now have a killer cold. Oh was worth it!
P.S. There are a TON more pictures on my Facebook so you can check them out!
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