Wednesday, October 29, 2014

28 years

I've been on this earth for 28 years.
For some reason this birthday made me reflect more than my others.  I'm not entirely sure why.  Maybe it's because I'm closer to 30 than I've ever been before (I'm choking back tears as I type that) and because that makes you think....what have I done with my life and what do I want to accomplish with the rest of my life.  As I reflected I decided to make a list of 28 of the most important lessons I've learned.
1. Your job does not define you
2. Your marital status does not define you

3. Some people are just jerks
4. But some people are just misunderstood
5. Enjoy your time with your parents/family
6. Call your grandparents
7. Listen to them

8. You are the only one who decides how you feel about your body
9. Laughing so hard you can't breathe is still one of the best feelings

10. Your friends will occasionally be the worst...but so will you
11. Forgive always....forgive others, forgive yourself
12. People are not usually secretly in love with you
13. Don't watch "Footloose" just because everyone thinks it's weird you haven't
14. Always take your make up off before bed
15. A strong red lip can make you feel invincible

16. Dance as much as possible
17. Tell people what they mean to you.  Even if it's will never regret it.
18. Don't spend your time and energy on people who don't return the gesture
19. If he doesn't text you goes on
20. When you experience will feel like you are suffocating.  You will not be able to breathe and you will feel like the world is literally caving in.  It is not.  And one day you will wake up and you will be breathing a bit easier.  You will be stronger even if you can't fathom that in the moment.  You will be ok.
21. If it makes you happy and it's not hurting it.
22. Your siblings will always be your best friends

23. Drink water.
24. Don't be afraid to fail
25. Wear comfortable shoes
26. The ocean is the most healing place on the earth

27. Go outside and experience the beauty of the earth as much as possible
28. Above everything yourself fiercely.

So here's to 28 years and more to come!  I plan to continue to fill each day with joy and as much adventure as possible.  Life is short.
And sometimes birthdays are hard.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Collage

weekend collage

A weekend collage update!!! 
Things I loved this weekend.....
for me it was all about cats and polka dots for some reason and I went for it.  I'm also obsessing over this Michael Kors handbag (are you dying right now???)  Flowerbomb perfume is my signature scent and so when I'm needing a boost of confidence or I know my outfit is on point and I want to add to my (ahem) allure it's definitely my go to.  I talked about Too Faced "Better Than Sex" mascara in my September Favorites video (which I'm sure you all watched) and it's definitely become a make up staple of mine.  And FINALLY Autumn is upon us which means I'm breaking out the dark nail polish like this Nars one and the burgundy lipsticks like my all time favorite Rouge Volupte #12 by YSL.
I've also decided that my wedding song will probably be "Tenerife Sea" by Ed Sheeran.  Have a listen.  It's lovely.

October is the best month of the year and I'm looking forward to this one!
How was your weekend?  Any new discoveries?  Did you see a rainbow, bask in the beautiful mountains, contemplate life by the sea, fall in love, make a wish....
share your amazing weekend adventures in the comments!

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Letter to my Someday

Here's the thing: 
I think I could love you 
really hard. I truly do. 

I used to pinch my skin, 
rub it raw, 
hoping that my exterior would fade.

You see, I know I'm not much. 

My fingers are too bony, my thighs rub together when I walk, and my lip always quivers 
even when it’s the middle of summer. 

I talk too loud in movie theaters and too quiet in front of microphones. 

I have a thick skin, and terrible feet 
and my hands tremble when I cry.
I wander, 
I never seem to stay in one place
 but most of the time I never quite know
 where I'm heading.

I know I'm not much to look at 
but I've been told that I've got a heart 
almost as deep as the Pacific Ocean and 
I'll love you with every inch of it,
 if you’ll let me.

Here's the thing:
 when I love, I love hard 
because I have never believed in 
doing things half-heartedly.

I'm going to love you with every corner of me. 

So here, 
this is my heart.

I know it’s not much but
 it’s all I've got.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back With A Bang!

Why hello there everyone!!!

Yes blogging has kind of taken a backseat to "real life" but I'm back and kicking it off with.......


I know right???

Go ahead and just click HERE to take a peek! I talk about all my favorite things for the month of September so's very important. You can even subscribe and give it a thumbs up if you want.

Hope you're ready to hear from me again!

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