Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Born to Be Wild and an Elephant Man

I thought I would take this opportunity to share a lifelong dream of mine. To be a biker. Like a true blue hog riding, leather jacket wearing, long beard flowing in the wind, helmet (let's be safe folks), Hells Angels....biker.

Or maybe a vespa with a cute matching helmet (let's be safe folks)

Here are the reasons why...
1. You get to make that sign that other bikers signal each other with....have you ever seen them do it? It is so cool! One biker drives by the other and they give a little wave with their 2 first fingers...very low and small below the them...they will do it. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a part of this secret club.
2. Vespas come in pink
Really...those are the only reasons but I think they are good ones.

Which brings me to my other discovery...another brilliant late night film entitled...

Tattoos and Tusks
The friendship between (or betwixt...really what is the difference between...or betwixt...those 2 words? Anyone know? Please share)...anyway...The friendship between a Harley Davidson biker and a bull elephant

Really. True story. Why are the creators of Animal Planet made of complete GENIUS!!!

I'm jealous.

So here is me wishing you a completly wonderful day filled with joy and Genius even betwixt (or between) all the rain and clouds.
Let's be safe folks


Nic and Jen said...

i saw this documentary once about a biker gang called the warlocks and they seemed pretty mean. my suspicions were definitely confirmed when later i watched a "cold case" about a biker gang and some mixed up, naive girl who tried to run with them and got killed. i think you're too nice for bikers, but i respect your dreams. i want to learn to fix cars. ...

we can dream.
love you!

Justin and Shellese said...

So Justin was an English Major with editing Minor and after hearing your question pulled out his "Dictionary of English Usage" (HAHA). Here is the official answer--Betwixt is considered to be archaic and between to be the living word. Betwixt is essentially used like between and used mostly in the Southern and South-Midland areas. There ya go :). We are full of good answers to English questions!

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