Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The day I announced my big news....

I'm sure you've been on the edge of your proverbial seats waiting for this news right?

Am I pregnant?.........NO

Am I married?...........NO

Am I engaged?..........NO

Am I going on a mission?........NO

Am I completely addicted to Gobstoppers?..............YES (but that's not the news)

the news is.....


"What?  Did you hear that Vanessa got a job?"

"Really?  I thought her job was watching Glee and having a diet consisting only of Gobstoppers and Diet Coke"

"Well....yeah but she doesn't get paid for that"

" she working for that tattoo parlor?  I always thought she would fit in really well there....with people like Lunchbox how could you go wrong?"

"While you make a valid's working for MACY'S"

Yes yes the rumors are all true.  After 3 months, 3 interviews...I am officially an employee of Macy's Department store in Cosmetics/Frangrances. 

Oh you don't believe me do you?

In your face! I believe they call that an OFFICIAL NAME TAG...what now haters?

And this is how you are supposed to look when you're representing the cosmetics department....obviously.

It was a cool interview.  The lady interviewing me asked me 2 of her interview questions and then stopped and said "You know what...I just really like you, I'm so excited....let's make you part of the team"

Yeah let's.


Jen said...

what what!!!

i'm so pumped for you! i love that your interview went like that. who doesn't love you after two questions!?

NO ONE. no one can resist your charms.

you were made for macys - classic, good taste, and amazing. three things i think of when i think of you! have a great time, lady! i hope one day i can stop in and buy some sweet stuff from you. OH! and totally get a makeover. fun! i heart you.

ps. i'm going to write you back today. it's happening... soon.


The Miranda's said...

lol..thank you for the conversation with yourself but making it seem so real! Congrats on your new job! That is so freakin exciting! I bet you won't have morbid and disturbing stories anymore about work! bummer.

Kristin Davis said...

for real? i'm jealous! are you going to be at a certain counter? i've recently been a fan of clinique. i want to hear all about it!

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