Sunday, January 26, 2014

Defending the Selfie

*Disclaimer* I wrote this post awhile back but couldn't seem to get all my thoughts in order so I just saved it for another day.  Today a video popped up on Facebook that completed my thoughts for me so.....I'm posting it now!

I've heard a lot of people complain about or make fun of the "selfie".  When you are scrolling through your Instagram and there's the same girl taking a picture of herself in different places: bathroom, in her car, at the gym, etc... and we all kind of roll our eyes and think "ugh".
I've heard some people say that selfies are an example of how self-absorbed the world has gotten.  How we're obsessed with how we look and then we share our self-obsession.  The thing is.....I disagree.
I take selfies because I'm having a really good hair day or I love the lipstick color I'm wearing.  Sometimes....HEAVEN FORBID....I like the way I look. So why do we shame people who also like how they look and want to share it.  I can go back on the days where I'm not having a great hair day and I'm feeling kinda "blah" and think....."but look've got some great eyes girlfriend".  And I don't think there's anything wrong with that.  I don't think there is anything wrong with liking the way we look!  It's good!  It's healthy!  I would much rather listen to a girl who loved her eyes, nose, hair, arms etc... than a girl who hated everything about herself.
There may be some who would say:
"But girls only do it to get likes"
Well....I don't know that that is the case all the time but to them I say "so what?"  What is wrong with us complimenting each other.  Telling each other how beautiful we are.  Pointing out the things on someone else that we find beautiful.  I don't think everyone takes selfies for attention.  I certainly don't.  I'm pretty ok with myself....I don't really need the attention of others to make me feel good...but boy is it nice to hear a compliment!  I wouldn't object to a compliment any day of the week.  I don't think any of us would...and that's ok!
I've heard girls say about other girls who take selfies "ugh she's so in love with herself".....and I'm sorry...what exactly is wrong with that???  We should love ourselves most of all!  So to all the girls posting selfies I go girl.

(selfie heaven right there)

I will say that I don't think that us posting selfies and the comments/likes we get should define the way we feel about ourselves.  If I posted a selfie and no one "liked" who cares?  I like it and that's all that matters.  We do need to be careful with letting others define our beauty.....
which is where this video I just watched comes into play.  It's by Dove (don't you just love their beauty campaigns???)  and I think it's an awesome video for mothers and daughters alike.  So before you go and criticize someone's selfie or re-consider taking one yourself....just think about this for a minute......and then for heaven's that selfie!!!



Cate EC said...

I AGREE! Why not take photographs of yourself if you feel like it?! Great postxx

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Morgan Allen said...

I am ALL about the selfie!! Especially as a mom, most days I looks like I rolled out of a dumpster, so when I feel and look fabulous, that is going on my online diary! hahaha i say more power to the selfie!

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