Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I saw this picture from the Clinique page and loved it so much I had to share it.  I ended the new year on a couple of exciting notes.....
first of all being....I WON OUR FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE.  For the first year EVER.  I won!  Ohhhh yes.
Also this....

which was very exciting!

In true Vanessa form I was sick for new years but I still stayed up until midnight, put on some hot pink lipstick to try and trick myself into feeling better (for the most worked) and drank that Martinelli's at the stroke of midnight.  

Little brother was my New Years date for the third year in a row.  As in previous years we spent the time leading up to midnight laying on the sofa watching Adventure Time.
After he went to bed I spent the rest of the night with these two.....

Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe are my ultimate power couple.
Wild night...I know.
How did you ring in the New Year!?

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