Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedding Kisses

There is this blog that I really like called Cup of Jo and sometimes they will do these posts about wedding kisses. They make me happy so I thought I would my own. Here are some of my favorite wedding kisses.

I like this one because they don't know anyone is looking and they still love each other...not posed

Such a classic feel to this one...don't you feel like you are looking at a wedding picture of your grandparents? So cute and romantic.

You can just tell this guy really loves his girl and this is the best day of his life.

Their love for each other literally jumps right out of this picture doesn't it?

Not a wedding engagement picture however- adorable right??? Jealous of their creativity right now.

You're feeling the love aren't you?

1 comment:

The Miranda's said...

so not to spoil the last picture, but I think kelly is planning on doing one of her pictures like it! so freakin cute!

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