Sunday, March 28, 2010

life lessons part deux

I just want it put on the record that being 23 is totally f'd.  The battle between girl and woman is Ridley Scott level intense.  Also I still get zits...what is up with that?  I'm not pre-pubescent anymore no matter what my poster of Justin Timberlake might lead you to believe.
I feel like life is just one big sarcastic opportunity.  I mean it's great but some things are just so hilarious.  I don't know how people can go through life so serious.  Some things I've learned as of late:
  • I was at the dollar store.  In normal places the display next to the check out includes: batteries, chapstick, gum, chick-o-stick, those adorable mini lint rollers.  At the dollar store?  Pregnancy tests.  I'm not sure what this exactly says about society. 
  • Girls in Provo and I don't mix.  They are loud and attention seeking, their hair is Jersey-licious worthy, and they sometimes wear so much make up they look like baby prostitutes.  I feel bad for them.  Except when they are screaming in the movie theater to their friends in the first row from the 12th and also kicking my seat.  Then I will cut you.
  • Park City is pretty much my favorite place on earth.
  • You know those ads they put on the side of Facebook that are supposed to be based on the interests you  list in your profile?  This is one I had the other day.  And yes.  I'm interested.
  • Bad Gal lash from Sephora will always be my very favorite mascara.  (Thank you to my sister who brought me some back from her recent trip to Seattle)
  • I love my little brother.  Not really a new lesson I've learned but he does something every day that reminds me.  Last night when I was watching him he kept bothering the cats.  I told him that if he did it again he would go to his room.  He did it again (shocker) and I said in my best "I'm about to discipline you with love when all I want to do is rip your hands off so you stop" voice: "Are you going to your room now?" to which he replied in his best "I know you're trying to discipline me but I'm not only smarter than you but I'm also the most sarcastic 6 year old on the planet" voice: " I'm going to Jupiter"
  • No matter how many times I say I'm going to stop drinking Diet Coke it's never going to happen.  I mean what am I supposed to drink? Water?! 
And now for no reason at all.  I give you The Cabbage Patch Diaries
You're welcome.


cornnut32 said...

1. i love your life lessons.

2. i wish i could go through life finding things hilarious the way you should teach me how.

3. i love park city, too. we should take a day and go on a shopping trip to the outlets and get some lunch.

4. did you know they are building a huge new sephora in the fashion place mall? i saw it last week when we took the kiddies to see the easter bunny. don't know when it's supposed to be open though.

Jen said...

1. dear cabbage patch girl.
you creep me out.

2. jupiter? hilarious.

3. i think that's what your actual child will look like. he looks just like you. he's super cute!

The Miranda's said...

gross...who even came up with cabbage patch girls? and I even owned one! and I think that the little baby would look good with a mama like you! and soooo funny Kian! what a kick...I love it!

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