Friday, March 12, 2010

Spotlight Friday- Jen Chaput

Today is Spotlight Friday which sounds really cheesy.  And let's be honest- it is.  But it's my blog so if you don't like it find someone else's blog.  I have a whole list to the right of your screen of people who don't do this.  I'm sure they'd be happy to have you.  (You being Jen because I think you're the only person who reads my blog).
However today our spotlight is on Jen (because she is the only one who reads my blog)
 Jen is very pretty (she's the one on the right)
I mean seriously. Nic you are a lucky guy.

We have been friends since junior year of high school when we were both trapped in this strange vortex that is called the high school drama program (and apparently Jen wore fedoras and danced in my room)

  We were the coolest ones there though.  So I sent her this questionnaire and here were here answers.

Three of your greatest achievements
1. Being married and sincerely working at it [seriously I conquered a lifetime of hating on marriage with that little step
2. Having Logan [literally labor, WOW]
3.Having great friends (Jen then proceeded to go on and on about what a great friend I am which I don't want to put on here because it might make everyone else feel bad about the kind of friend they are)

Three names you go by
1. Jenny
2. Jen
3. Love Face [I would say "mama" but Logan has used it to refer to both me and cats, so we'll wait on that one]

Three things that scare you
1. Living without people knowing I love Jesus through my actions
2. When Nic creeps up behind me and I don't notice
3. Public restroom- seriously people- WASH YOUR HANDS!

Three things that make you happy
1. I hate using my family over and over so I'll just say "family" generally, cause you know Nic and Logan are my boys
2. Great music
3. New....everything.  I'll just say shopping at Target where I obviously get all the new things that I love 

Three things you hate
1. Cigarettes
2. Burning my tounge on hot coffee
3. When Jesus doesn't get the mad props He deserves

Three things you are wearing right now
1. Stupidly, the belt that makes me break out because I'm allergic to metal
2. Slippers for my cold feet
3. my wedding ring
[I'm not naked aside from those things just so we're clear]

Three things of the opposite sex that appeal to you
1. How kind they are to others
2. Their smile
3. How rich they are...ha ha kidding- how they love Jesus

Three careers you've considered
1. Teacher
2. Youth Pastor
3. ASL interpreter
(might I add a surfer's wife- pretty much Jen was obsessed with surfers. might I also add we lived in Indiana where surfers are...non existent so...there's that)

Three things you want to do before you die
1. See everyone I really love know Jesus
2. Have better posture
3. hmm...I don't know the third.  Heaven will be so much more fulfilling than this life so....? How about not live in a way that would make me cringe any more than I'll already have to when I meet Jesus...ha ha

Describe yourself in one word 

This is my favorite picture of Jen.  She is dancing and really into it.  Perfectly depicts her.

And for no reason at all Logan, Jen's son.  Umm...because he's adorable, builds forts, and only eats food if it has maple syrup on it.  Yeah you want to be his friend too don't you?

And since this was the debut of Spotlight Friday I would love to know what you think.  Unless you're going to tell me to stop.  I won't even publish that comment.


Jen said...

haha, love it.

thanks for making me your first friend to spotlight. my coolness is so obvious to me now, hahaha.

i love my son, too. he's cute.

ps, despite the fact i didn't mention it, the blog i wrote was basically for you because it's about where to find sweet new tunes and musical groups

cornnut32 said...

guess whatty what, i read your blog. every post. and pretty much laugh my rear off at most of them because you're funny. in fact, i told my hubby last week that you should do standup or write a comedy column or something because you rock at it. you should get a job at one of those tabloid magazines and make fun of celebrities.

woot woot!

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