Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buying Like a Grown Up

So everyone I am here to announce that I made my very first adult purchase....

I bought a laptop!

And I am in love with it. Seriously...portability is just an in genius thing isn't it? Take right now for instance....
I am currently laying in bed watching "The Proposal" while I type this. Speaking of "The Proposal" that I am currently watching...umm Ryan Reynolds is so funny as well as incredibly attractive. If you are a funny guy you get really far with me. Like as far as me marrying you and wanting to have your children.
Wow this movie just keeps getting better. Have you guys seen it? Amazing right?
Anyway I'd also like to discuss something else I've been doing on my new laptop. Internet searches. I like to think I'm a pretty good internet searcher. I can find pretty much everything. People, places, answers to questions. It's pretty awesome. The secret is to just type exactly what you want to know.
For instance: "why can't I untie this knot in my boots?" You will find an amazing website on de-knotting technique. Ways to tackle that knot you never would have dreamed of and probably some message boards to vent your frustration. Sometimes I'll start to type a question and then get derailed by what they're anticipating I'm going to ask. Just a second ago I typed in "When..." and I got suggested everything from "...will he kiss me" to "...will I die?" Ex....cuse me? You can find that out online??? Geez...Amazing.

Anyway...just thought I'd share that with you. Stay tuned for my posts on: The Bachelor finale (I know I've put it off for about a thousand years because it makes me sick), American Idol (umm...have you been watching this stuff!?), and many more.

Ok back to "The Proposal" more later....after I finish watching the triple crown of actors in a movie: Sandra Bullock, Hottie McRyan Reynolds, and Betty White.

Stay Classy San Diego

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