Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love Like a Seahorse

I've always been fascinated by ocean life.  Remember how I want a pygmy octopus as a pet?  Yes.  I do.  Another underwater creature I've always loved are seahorses.  I just think they are so unique and cool.  My little brother is doing a project on seahorses and I've been helping him with it.  I've learned so much about them and something I really love is the way they love.  Each other.  My favorite part?  When the seahorses are courting each other they dance for one another.  How amazing and beautiful is that?  I love dancing.  It's such a beautiful expression of feeling.  And these seahorses, these monogamous seahorses find each other each day and dance.  Beautiful.

Who knew we could learn so much from seahorses?  Did you see that word monogamous?  If seahorses can do it I don't know why so many humans in the world let others into their heart besides their spouse.  So yay for seahorses!
Plus the males carry the babies.  Genius. :)

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