Thursday, January 28, 2010

eight legged love

i think the idea of having an octopus as a pet is intriguing. they are so awesome to watch and i've always been fascinated by them but how would they would work as pets? i decided to investigate the possibility of having such a pet. eHow told me this information which i thought was hysterical! i had to post this...please tell me someone else can appreciate this.

On keeping an octopus (granted it has to be a small one):
These eight-legged sea creatures are infamous escape artists. Even an octopus with a melon-sized head can slip through a hole the size of a nickel. Pygmy octopuses can fit through any hole, no matter the size. So when setting up your tank, be sure that the lid is tightly secured. Even if it has no holes or openings in it does not mean it is secured. There have been several reports of octopuses figuring out how to lift the lid and wriggle out. If you have other tanks nearby, an octopus can escape, get into another tank for some munchies, then return to their own tank! This is because octopuses are also active hunters.

i'm seriously considering getting one as a pet after i move out. what do you think?

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