Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend In Review...

Once again for posterity (you're welcome future children) I will update you on my weekend.

Friday: This was the beginning of what is sure to be a weekend for the books.  (And by books I mean this blog since nobody really cares about my weekend)....my friend Katie called me and we (along with her husband, husband's little bro, and family friend) went to dinner at the best little pizza place called "Slab"- seriously everyone should eat there at least once (or maybe 100 times) in their life.  Then we headed to their ward activity where we ate pie in honor of the day of "Pi" ya know like 3.14 (March 14th....ya get it???).  Then we played games and just laughed.  It was a blast.

Saturday: My BFF Jess came down and we had such a fun time.  What originally started out as grabbing dinner turned into one amazing weekend.  We first headed to another great pizza place the one and only CPK 

However we were cracking ourselves up because all of the waiters literally had so much facial hair it was unreal.  One guy had a practically bald head but a full beard (a phenomena that I will never quite understand).  It was crazy and hilarious. 

We then headed over to the mall for some retail therapy.  And it was very very therapeutic. We then decided to head to the movies.  We carried our purses full of contraband treats over to the theater and embarked on a truly magical journey.  We saw "Alice in Wonderland' a day I had been anticipating for months.  It did not disappoint.  I will be filling you in more completely in another post but it was wonderful (and for the record I have NEVER been more attracted to the Mad Hatter as I was in this movie.  Darn your sexiness Johnny Depp).  

Then we headed over to our favorite Polynesians apartment to mix and engage in stimulating conversation.  Then I packed up my stuff and Jess and I headed up to Salt Lake City where I spent the rest of the weekend.

It was so fun to just hang out with Jess.  It was like having a roommate again which is something I really miss.  Making dinners, watching trashy TV, girl talk....brought back some great memories!  (Shout out to our other roomies....miss ya!)

Just got back this morning...exhausted and tons of laundry to do but happy.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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