Wednesday, March 24, 2010

photo(s) of the day

These are actual pictures of actual people.  Keep that in mind.

Thoughtful Lance.  Mirthful Lance.  Two sides of a delightful coin.

The Purvis family made several stops along the Oregon Trail to document their 6 month journey.  This photo was taken just 2 weeks before dysentery took Momma to Jesus.

Olan Mills backdrop #4.  Bucolic meadow with split rail fence. Is that an animal carcass behind her?

Bobbi isn't the first waitress to fall for her manager but her and Dale both got fired from Shoney's

The library might be more believable if the shelves weren't sloping downhill.  Is that a book on teen pregnancy?

 Kenneth and his prom date

Sisterhood of the Traveling Perms: you go straight you're out of the sisterhood.  No exceptions.

Finally, by combining their efforts, these three were able to muster up some inclement weather.

A website where you can find more delightful photos like these awkward family photos
Because I know you aren't busy anyway....

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Jen said...

oh my word.
please become a commentator of my life. walk around with me holding a boom box for my soundtrack, and make your witty banter part of my everyday life. please.

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