Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Currently Obsessed

Since I'm always discovering new things and have an addictive personality- I become obsessed easily.  Currently I'm loving...

Pantene Pro-V Natural Fusions Shampoo/Conditioner-Moisture Balance
My hair is softer, stronger, smells great and they use natural ingredients so they don't have those sulfates that are so bad for your hair. Love it! (to all my Fishers friends please don't tell Mark Starnes that I'm using Pantene.  He'll lose it.)

Vaseline 100% pure petroleum jelly
This stuff is just the best.  I use it to remove eye make up, I use it on my lips and it's better than any lip gloss out there.  Love love love.

 Didi Benami on American Idol.  I just love this girl!  She has such a great voice.  Her version of The Rolling Stones "Play With Fire" just kills me. Love it.

Bath & Body Works 
My friend Jess and I practically robbed the place last week- after discounts, sales, and coupons.  I bought 2 new scents that I really love.
Midnight Pomegranate
Pomegranate-y, spicy,'s delicious (you like how many words I made up right then? I do)

White Citrus

Lemony, grapefuity, clean, crisp, love it.  Helps you remember that Spring is just around the corner

White Collar
I don't know if I've posted about this show before or not but it's great.  It's on USA Network (where everything they make is in point- Psych)  It's about this white collar criminal who escapes from federal prison and makes a deal with the FBI to help them solve white collar cases instead of go back to jail.  There is this whole mysterious back story going on as well.  Add a dirty fed, Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell, and sarcastic humor and you've got yourself a show.  Plus it's pretty easy on the eyes if you know what I mean.

 And last but most deliciously....
 Farr Ice Cream has introduced new flavors based on popular Keebler cookies.
Oh you thought E.L. Fudge cookies couldn't get any better?
How bout dark chocolate ice cream with E.L. fudge cookie pieces and a chocolate marble swirl?
Boom! Delicious!

Like Vanilla Wafers do you?

How about vanilla bean ice cream with Vanilla wafer pieces?
What? Boom! Delicious!

Chips Deluxe?
Yes please how about with brown sugar flavor ice cream, cookie dough, and Chips Deluxe pieces?
Boom! Delicious!

You're obsessed now too aren't you?  Any new obsessions you have?

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