Monday, March 22, 2010

Evil people vs. Good people

Evil people
  • The former geeks who now work at "Best Buy" and have inferiority complexes
  • the inventor of the magnifying make up mirror
  • Jason Alexander
  • those girls who can wake up and have that cute touseled hair look instead of a greasy rat nest ball
  • anyone who works at the the DMV or library (why are you so grouchy?!)
  • Oprah 
Good people
  • Inventor of the ice cream cone
  • Slash
  • any man who buys me diamonds
  • me
  • the inventor of diet coke (especially with lime)
  • Jimmy Choo
I now present you with the most beautiful shoes ever made.  Courtesy of Mr. Choo.  
    You have now been hypnotized.

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