Thursday, March 11, 2010

Calah and Vanessa have a conversation

C: Question, should I wear my striped shirt?

V: Or...?

C:That's it.

V: I think you should wear the black and white boyfriend cardigan I scrummaged (yeah spell check I know it's not a word.  But I used it.  Screw you) through Target looking for for hours just for your Christmas gift.

C: You did not!  I was the one who found it and the only reason you bought it for me was because it was on clearance!

V: Well what do you think I'm made of money or something?  I'm not Heidi effin Klum even though every one tells me I look like her!

1.1 seconds elapse

V:I have a question way more important than this one.  Should I wear what I'm wearing now or wear the red shirt under the black sweater?

C: No what you're wearing right now.  It looks fresh.

2 seconds elapse

C: Oh guess what song I downloaded?!

V: What?

C: The Free Willy one!!!!

V: I have that one...

C: I know but guess what else I downloaded?

C: proceeds to sing "You remind me of the babe..."

V: Ha

C: Yeah so now the only songs on my iTunes are: Kesha, Lady GaGa, Rude Boy by Rhianna, the Free Willy song, Magic Dance from the Labyrinth, and some song from some musical

10 minutes elapse

C: Question, is this shirt see through?

V: I don't about I try to guess your bra color?

C: Ok...

V: Is it purple?

C: No

V: Blue?

C: ....yes

V: Maybe it's a little see through

Calah is my sister by the way.  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting this delicious person.

On a related note I'm aware that it's kind of creepy when people describe other people in ways they describe food. It is a little "Silence of the Lambs" but sometimes when you are talking about someone say...Channing Tatum...the only true fitting adjective is "Yummy".  Get over it.

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