Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Brief Interlude With Becky

One of my best friends in the whole world is a girl by the name of Becky.  We met when I worked at the hair salon and she pretty much became my BFF.  We would go shopping, hang out, I'd babysit her kids, we went to concerts together.  We laugh hysterically whenever we are together.  Thanks to modern technology even though I live a billion miles away we can still crack each other up.  Last night we had a conversation that I wanted to write down for posterity (you're welcome future children).  And for all you who watch "Dancing With the Stars" all of my opinions on the show can be found in this conversation:

V: Dancing with the stars? how is edyta so hot? jealous
B: She always is! Why is pamela anderson so disgusting?
V: She always is! did you know i'm in love with that ice skater?
B: you would be! i'm in love with max
V: you would be!
B: I think max loves himself more than i do though
V: yes for sure
B: and what's up with f-ing buzz "i'm older than crap" aldrin?
V: lol for real
B: he's so cute but i'm thinking why ruin the fact that you walked on the moon by doing dancing with the stars?
V: for sure I would want moonwalking to be my legacy too...and it will be.  but the dancing kind
B:you are a great moonwalker
V: this is true
B: you know who else I love derek hough
V: really? he kinda comes off like a tool to me
B: I just think he seems fun and boy next door cute
V: yeah if the boy next door is a douche
B: whatever I'm just saying i would go Mormon for him thats all
V: well being Mormon does give you the immediate ability to dance
B: and be awesome
V: exactly
B: did you go buy "new moon" yet?
V: no not yet...did you? did you go to a midnight release party dressed like Edward's mistress?
B: Omg did you see me on youtube? and p.s edyta's partner is hot
V: yes and british
B: which is like making him 5 times hotter
V: um duh I'm glad they fixed his teeth before he came to this country
B: lol why does kate gosselin look like a different person entirely???
V: I don't know...maybe because she doesn't have a lesbian haircut anymore?
B: ha if her hair was long and straight I would swear she was a barbie tonight
V: yeah because Barbie doesn't bend her arms either
B: you're cracking me up.  I meant her dress
V: well that too

And there you have it.  Miss ya Beck

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