Sunday, March 28, 2010

a move 2 sentences

my dad being the the father of 3 girls has learned a thing or two about what makes them happy.  namely (in no particular order) chocolate, diet coke, edward cullen.  So he made sure that when "New Moon" was released on DVD- he promptly brought it home.  He sat down and watched the last 45 minutes with us.  Here was his professional review of the film.

"Edward is like the Adam Lambert of the vampire kind"

and the even more profound

"You can totally tell a chick wrote this"

I claimed he was being sexist because men have written love stories before (ever heard of Nicholas Sparks?) and how did he know it would be different.  He retorted "because if a guy wrote this book- instead of Bella whining at Jacob not to kill Edward and Jacob listening...Jacob would have ripped her throat out and then killed Edward".
And there you have it folks.  He's such a romantic.  (notice how he did get all their names right...I'm just sayin)

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