Thursday, March 11, 2010

Professional Make Up Review by: Vanessa

As you may have noticed I am a complete sucker for new products.  Any time there is a new hair, home, laundry, and especially make up product- I am literally possessed and no matter what I do (and I try really hard) I can not resist.
My latest obsession?  Loreal Perfect Match ROLL-ON make up.  Did you see that?! ROLL-ON.  Yeah I all capped that.  Because it's literally like painting on your face!  Oh wiley temptress you.  And what do wiley temptresses do?  They tempt.  In a wiley fashion.  As did this make up.  So of course I bought it.

And I LOVE it.  Yeah all capped that too.  LOVE it.  I recommend every man, woman, and child own this make up.  It will change your life.  I already loved their make up because their shades really do match perfectly.  Even my alabaster skin tone (which is just a nice way of saying so ghostly pale it's too bad you aren't a hot vampire to distract from the fact that your face is borderline albino) but that's neither here nor there.

Not only does this make up work wonders but it is seriously entertainment to put on. I think I giggled the first time I used it.  Because I was that happy.

So stick that professional make up tip in you pipe and smoke it!

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