Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Collage

my weekend

my weekend by vanessanelson featuring flat shoes

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I had a busy one!  I did prom make up for my little sister and her best friend (pictures to come...they looked stunning), had another fantastic Target trip with my 2 BFF's Karyn and Jack (pics of that to come as well...), I worked, ate cupcakes, laughed, cried, embarrassed myself, laid in the grass, and sipped sparkling cranberry juice to my heart's content.

I spent the majority of Sunday watching One Tree Hill from the beginning....sigh....what a fantastic show.
I know a lot of you are OTH you have a favorite episode?  I'd love to know what it is!  Leave me a comment!

This week lot's of pictures to come, another guest blogger playlist, and hopefully fun!

P.S. - I HATE the new blogger layout.....anyone else???


B said...

I have been doing the OTH marathon since it has ended. Oh and boo to the layout. If you look closely you can switch back & I did :-)

Allison said...

my favorite episode!? thats hard!! I think the two that i loved the most were when they won the state championship and lucas is telling peyton that she is the one he wants next to her when all his dreams come true.

the other one that i really like is when they had to pair up to see if 50 minutes could really change their lives. i love when lucas shows glenda his book.

Emily said...

1: Boo to the new blogger layout. But, much like ever-changing Facebook layouts, I'll get used to it and be bitter the next time they change it because I "lovvveed" the old one.

2: OTH. I can't. It's too soon. The wound is too fresh. I started watching it with the series premiere in '03, and listen, I had a (not even mild at all) breakdown when it ended. While it's still new, Danny Boy is going to have to be in the top episodes of OTH ever. Such a powerful episode. Of course, I love the school shooting episode, not because of the content of it, but because of how pivotal of an episode it was for the show. I love the episode at Rachel's cabin when Nathan reproposes, I love the graduation episode when Haley delivers Jamie, the episode with Chris Keller and Nathan on the riverboat gambling--hilarious and probably one of my top 3. I have too many. I'll stop there. What are your favorites? *also can you tell I'm Naley obsessed? It's true.

Anecia said...

I also hate the new layout.

Favorite episode would have to be the school shooting. I cry EVERY time!

I also love the cabin trip they take shortly after. I laugh when Brooke tries to get Haley's ring and I get goose bumps when Nathan proposes again.

I also have to say the riverboat gambling is hilarious. "Chris Keller was dog paddling JUST fine!" And how sweet is it that Nathan got Chris the exact guitar he sold that day later on! awww!

Can't forget the Dare Night episode!

And the boy toy auction!

As for the last season, when Dan goes to rescue Nathan. I actually was rooting for Dan and thought he was quite the tough guy. And I actually cried a little when he got shot!

I'm about to start them from the beginning I think because though it's only been a couple of weeks, I'm having withdraws!

What are your favorites?!

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