Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Professional Instagram Photography (and the Giveaway Winners....)

I'm such a professional photographer.  I take so many artistic Instagram pictures I just can't even deal with how amazing and talented I am.
Here's some of the super amazing ones I've taken lately....


My sister got her prom dress

This was a good day

This must be how men feel when their wife catches them cheating...

My friend Karyn and I made these.  Look for our new show on the Food Network
called "We Buy Pre-Made Foods at Target and Pretend We Made Them! (And You Can Too!)"

And....the moment you've all been waiting for!  The WINNERS of the giveaway!!!

Winner of the Sephora make up palette

Winner of the Full Size Tarte LipSurgence: 

Email me at with your info!

THANK YOU to all who entered!!!  We'll have another one soon!  


Anna said...

OMG srly? Thank you so much & rock on :D

m.ring said...

ahh this deserves a double fist pump! my exact words before reading this entry were "how cool would it be if i won.. nahh it won't happen" and then BAM! there's my picture. ahh thank you so much.

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