Thursday, April 19, 2012


Things I currently Love:

  • cold medicine
  • this make up palette from Sephora

  • peach nail polish

  • this quote
  • co-workers who will take your friday shift so you can go to breakfast with your gal pals
  • these books (can all be found here)

  • facebook discussions with your friends about which real housewife you would be (she would be Kyle...I would like to think I'd be Heather but let's be honest...I'd be NeNe Leakes)
Things I currently Hate:
  • rainy days that trick me into thinking I still have hours left to sleep when in reality I've slept through 2 snooze alarms
  • making a grilled cheese sandwich and eating half of it before hearing "have you seen this cheese?  it's all moldy!" PER-FECT
  • Oliver from The O.C. I think about what a little weasel he was and it still makes me so mad.
  • people who make sexy faces at themselves in the mirror in hi!  we can all see you and we all think you're a douche
  • the fact that miley cyrus's real name is "Destiny".  I've known this for years but every time someone reminds me it's like the FIRST TIME and I hate it.
Also something on the list of things I love:

Anything you're loving/hating right now?  Let it out.  This is a safe place.  Let's heal together.  EXCEPT FOR YOU SEXY FACE MIRROR GUY.


Scott and Morgan said...

I'm loving orange lipstick and my new mint skinnies.

I'm HATING when I make the dreaded trip to Walmart to get honey Greek yogurt, and that is the ONLY flavor they are out of. Sucky.

Emily said...

Wait, her real name is Destiny? I'm sorry, but that's awful. Well, not quite as awful as people whose names are things spelled backward (here's looking at you, Nevaeh). Things I currently love: Nutella and Diet Coke (oh wait, always), the Danny Boy episode of OTH, and 32oz to-go cups. Things I hate: The Danny Boy episode (curse you Mark Schwahn and all the tears!!), the fact that Haley and Nathan aren't real, how blatently How I Met Your Mother rips off FRIENDS, and not living near my nieces. The end.

SunflowerSteph said...

This is hilarious!

Things I'm currently LOVING:
-the fact that I'm almost finished finals (PEACE UNI)
-any kind of food that is bad for you. I don't care if bikini season is coming up, crap food makes me feel happy during this disgusting time of year ^^^refer to previous note
-the commentary version of OTH series finale!
-that I am a few episodes behind in SMASH so I plan to sit and do nothing (while eating my crap food) while catching up :)

Things I'm currently HATING:
-finals, finals, finals
-moving out of rez :'(
-every wednesday I have OTH withdrawal. Anyone else out there that relates??

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