Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey Hey It's a Giveaway!!!

Hey guys!  So I was sitting around thinking about how completely fabulous you all are and I decided to reward you!  It's been awhile since we've done this so here we go!
I have not only one BUT TWO giveaways!  Yessss!

Giveaway #1 
Sephora Make Up Palette: 

33 Eyeshadows, 3 Eyeliners, 12 Lipsticks/Glosses, 4 Blushes, 2 Bronzers.  It has EVERYTHING.  It has a great mix of shimmers and mattes in every hue you can think of.  I'm obsessed!  The case looks like a cute Sephora bag!  Love all the selections!

Giveaway #2
Full size LipSurgence Lip Luster in "Glisten" by Tarte

It's a nice light lip tint in a kind of peachy pink shade.  Love how moisturized these make my lips feel!  And did I mention that it's FULL SIZE???  Awesome.

How to win
Leave a comment below telling me 3 make up items that you would HAVE 
to have with you on a deserted island

Extra entries
Follow my blog
Follow me on Twitter 

If you are already a follower of all 3 then go ahead and give yourself the extra deserve it for being awesome!

Leave comments letting me know that you qualify for the extra entries!

The winners will be picked on Tuesday the 17th and I'll post it on Wednesday the 18th!  
Good Luck!!!!!

P.S. Also let me know if you want to be a GUEST PLAYLIST BLOGGER :)  
I've got someone lined up for next week and I'm super excited about it! 


Kristin Barrow said...

Ohh this is fun :) My three items are: moisturizer w/ spf, chapstick, and mascara. I follow your blog and The Dime Dairy blog, but don't have twitter :( Love your blog, you're the coolest!

Sladja said...

Oh it would be so nice to win this :)
Well.. let me see.. Labello (google it ;) ) sunblock cream (i'm too white)and.. let's say... something that smells nice.. Gosh This was hard! Like I'm preparing for Survivor :D lol

Follow you and follow The Dime Diary!
And sure if you want to i would love to be your guest playlist blogger :)


Amanda said...

Garnier BB cream, Vaseline and Benefit Bad Girl Plum mascara. Love your blog, you are in my favs internet links, keep up the fab posts - Friday Letters are the best!... And great giveaway too (sorry if this message uploads twice.. stupid google Chrome silliness). xx

m.ring said...

my three items are: smashbox bb cream, mascara and lip balm (my fave right now is sephora neon lip balm, it's got a real sweet tint to it)

i follow your blog, the dime diary and you on twitter!! :) love it.

Emily said...

I follow you, the Dime Diary, and follow you on twitter. So go me for extra entries!! As for my top three items--my iPad (hello Netflix with OTH episodes), the biggest case of diet coke in the entire universe (or at least the recipe so I could make myself an unlimited amount), and Nutella.

Laura {and JR} said...


I want to win. So I would HAVE to have my victoria's secrect lip gloss (mint- that would save my breath as I'm sure I wouldn't have a toothbrush), blush and black mascara!!

I of course follow your blog, just followed your twitter (just got my own twitter like a week ago) and following The Dime Diary.

so fun! xoxoxo laura

Beth said...

Ummmm I am dying for your giveaway... 3 make up items well as of lately it would be my Smashbox Blush, Mascara, and make-up remover hahaha. Love ya -xox-

Beth said...

I follow your blog :)

Beth said...

I follow Dime Diary

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be a guest blogger and share my playlist but it would probably be hundreds of songs long.

Jake and Katie said...

Defiantly chapstick (Burts Bees), waterproof mascara and Moisturizing cream! And I am following you... here not in person of course :)

Emily said...

Also I am a certifiable idiot. 3 make up items. I'm so dumb. Mac eye shadow, loose powder, beauty control brown black mascara.

SunflowerSteph said...

I follow your blog Vanessa! And I want to thank you for all of the great music you've posted in the past, a lot of my iTunes has songs I've found from you!

3 products would be....
dream smooth mousse foundation
any cream blush
(if this existed) an everlasting Stila liquid eye liner


SunflowerSteph said...

Just followed The Dime Diary!!

Annie said...

I follow ur blog, ur twitter and now the dime diary 2 (have been reading it for awhile anyway.)

I would take,

My Lancome juicy tube Peche cause it is my all time favorite lipgloss and no matter how bad things/days are I feel stunning when I put it on.

My Mascara which is a german product from DM. Cause I want my eyelashes look good when I get rescued ;)

nd last but not least sunblocker. Cause you only have that one skin so you better take care of it. I usually use Nivea sunblocker, with bronzening effect.

B said...

I am an idiot when it comes to make up and I have also been blessed with great(er) skin so I don't really use makeup. However, I do use my (shhh I'm cheap) covergirl mascara waterproof (technically not makeup but beauty caregory) with Revlon lash curler, olay 7 effects moisturizer w/ spf (again not make-up), & I must have some sort of lip-sh*t. I don't call it lipstick but I'm currently stuck on Delphon's yummy goodness that is Mango!

Anecia said...

Hey! 3 makeup things I HAVE to have on an island...chapstick/lip gloss, mascara, and coverup! The staples pretty much. Also, I follow you on twitter now (@anecia338) and I follow your blog and the Dime Diary!

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