Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guest Blogger Playlist

I'm so excited to introduce my SECOND guest blogger!  Her name is Sladja and she's fantastic!  She always leaves great comments!  You can find her blog HERE!  Go check it out!  And now I introduce Sladja!

Hi! My name is Sladja (it's not that hard to say it :) in Spanish my name would be Dulce, and in english Candice ) and I'm delighted to be Vanessa's guest playlist blogger.

Something about me.. I'm 26-year-old girl living in Europe. I have bachelor degree in biochemistry but I'm dreaming about working in fashion mag or being PR for fashion brand. Beside my native language I speak English, Spanish and i understand few other language. I'm crazy for shoes, clothes, and all other girly stuff.I adore animals! Have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Love to read. Watch movies and TV shows. Oh did I say I blog?
Well I do. It's mix of thoughts, life, love, food, music.. blabbing about life :)
 But most of all I love music.

When I was little girl everyone thought I would be musician. Ye, from musician to chemist..hm :) But music has really important part in my life.I sing all the time.. when i smile, when i cry, when i'm having a bad or good day, when i just want to relax.. So here are few song that are on repeat in past few months . Hope you like them :)

coldplay - paradise
bongo botrako - Todos los días sale el sol
sophie ellis bextor - can't have it all 
lana del rey - born to die
lana del rey - blue jeans
florence and the machine - shake it out
everly - quicksand
bethany joy lenz - day after today

Thank you so much to Sladja for sharing your music with us!  If you're interested in sharing a playlist with us leave a comment!! 

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