Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Collage

my weekend

my weekend by vanessanelson featuring a knit cardigan

Hope you all had a great and beautiful Easter weekend!  Are you all on a sugar overload as well?  I ATE SO MUCH SUGAR!!!! AND IT'S NOT EFFECTING ME AT ALLLLL.............!
I also watched our hometown cupcake shop "Sweet Tooth Fairy" DOMINATE on "Cupcake Wars" which was so fun!  They really are some delish cupcakes!
I'm obsessed right now with maxi dresses with wedges (LOVE) and Revlon lip butters...I just bought quite a few (shhhhh don't tell those snobby cosmetics girls I work with...)

As we start out the week I thought I'd share a little quote with you
"Holding grudges, judging others, hating, wanting to cause harm, withholding forgiveness, gossiping, ridiculing, ignoring others, withholding mercy, throwing stones....STOP IT."
- Dieter Uchtdorf
It's really easy to get caught up in the judgmental views of the world...myself included.  I think it's important to remember to be above it.  To treat people with kindness.  To be so happy and so pleasant...that you make others want to have the same attitude.  Something to think about as you start your week!

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