Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brief Interlude with Jen

I love my friend Jen. I love texting her. Especially on Bachelor night. Here are some recent conversations we had.

Bachelor night...
J: I love how Chris deals with rozlyn. "what is the truth in your mind?"
V: did you see when the bachelors and gang "give back" to the community? Is it their way of giving something back besides herpes?
J: hahaha true that...oh my chris compares roz's story about not having an affair to his son telling him stories about unicorns and wizards. awesome.
V: Oh my goodness I love Chris Harrison
J: Tell me about it.

A few days later....
V: I'm at a restaurant where all the waiters are dressed like pirates and there is a pirate ship and pirate treasure AND a pirate band. I wonder if they do weddings?
J: We can only hope. I mean aaarrrgggghhhh
V: And our waiter is dressed like Jack Sparrow, walks like him AND talks like him. I just found my husband.
J: hahaha you have the whole wedding cast right there! find a captain. you can get married tonight!
V: I left my peg leg at home.
J: Oh never mind, you can't get married without your good leg.
V: The captain is probably the guy with the balloon animal parrot right? I mean that's a pretty solid indicator.
J: I'd bet me beard n' a fish stick matey

Next day...
V: Do you have cable?
J: Amish cable (no)
V: Ha ha I was just going to tell you about this show called Psych that you would love. And Ally Sheedy guest starred on it. Bonus!
J: haha- we actually own the first 3 seasons on DVD
V: Oh my goodness how have we never discussed this before. This show cracks me up
J: It was love at first obscure 80's reference
V: OH MY GOSH THAT is why you are my best friend
J: I have often thought of us as shawn and guster however i think shawn is your soulmate
V: that is most definitely true.

Thanks for being my friend Jen. I love these texts.

1 comment:

Jen said...

i love you too!!!

you complete me.

ps the word verification was "nizedl" which immediately made me think of "nizled" like i've been v-nizzled. it made me laugh.

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