Friday, February 19, 2010

kind of famous

Two things happened to me which make me kind of famous. First I am an avid viewer of The Bonnie Hunt Show. She is wonderful and great and funny. Well they have a section on her website where you can send in suggestions for guests she should have on her show. I emailed her a while back and told her she should have Dr. Travis on. Because he's cute and a doctor so it would be like informative. But also he's cute. Well on Monday Dr. Travis was on! And I'm like 100% positive it's because of me. Also my greatest friend Jen started a new blog. She pretty much makes magic with a sewing machine. She is just so creative and crafty and I totally admire and am jealous of her talents (as my family will attest....I am NOT a seamstress). Well she asked if I would contribute to her blog from time to time with fashion tips and I was honored! So welcome to fashion tip Friday! I even have a pseudonym which is just so fabulous I can hardly contain myself.

Have a very fashionable Friday
The Fashionista

*Be awed by Jen's talent and hear my sage advice by clicking HERE

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The Miranda's said...

I think having Dr. Travis on does make you famous,

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