Thursday, February 18, 2010


instead of showering today this is what I did instead....

there is a website called "photobombs" about times when things/people creep in the background of photos or jump in front of them and such. they are hysterical. here are a few of my faves.

If you don't invite Jason Voorhees, it's not like he won't kill all your friends...

Just checking in...

Am I alone in thinking the boy in the back doesn't like babies?

Dunham Park- where your mistakes are forever

"I'm just practicing Mom!"

and my own photobomb

and one unforgettable one from my friend Kristin that I laugh so hard I cry every time I see it.

Kristin if you want me to I will remove this picture since it was taken without permission. However you should at least send it to the website.

and of course
Oh. My. Gosh. If you ever want to laugh until you puke go here please. They have pictures of all these cakes that have gone terribly wrong either with spelling or when some shape does not look like it's supposed to. Here are 2 sections I would like to share with you:

Welcome Baby

Good friends, the Hooks and Slices always hoped their little ones might one day grow up and fall in love. However, little James' love of the open sea and life-long distaste of children would eventually drive Sally to drinking and raising teacup poodles. (Although after the ASPCA stepped in, she was forced to stick to just raising them.)

Do you suppose a kid named "Finally" could ever get addressed in a non-sarcastic manner?

I mean, think about it: "Finally! You're here!"

And finally lastly, my personal favorite:

Ah yes, Luca Joeseph Kiwi Mango - that's the name of kings, right there.

Tasty, fruity kings.


Cakes Only A Mother Could Love
I think the following cakes are really special. Like seeing a beautiful newborn for the first time, these baby shower cakes leave me… well, speechless.

What a coincidence! E.T. was on my TV today, too!

Ethan... phone home...
(and tell your parents Jersey Shore called. They want their tan back.)

"Hi, bakery? I have a baby shower coming up. Do you make cupcakes?"

"Baby shower CUP cakes? Yeah. We can 'handle' that."

If you squint your eyes, it’s actually not a baby at all, but a bronzed, muscular man in a wife-beater popping out of the cup. See it? See it? Let’s call him Joe. He must be posing for his mug-shot. Just look at those eyes! He really knows how to espresso himself, doesn't he?

Productive day in my book.

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