Saturday, March 12, 2011

Zack Attack

I recently started watching all the old episodes of Saved By the Bell on TBS and supplementing episodes from YouTube.  As you know this is my absolute favorite show of all time.  I may have also mentioned once or a thousand times how much I loved Zack Morris and how I was fully convinced we were made for each other (still am)
That being said...I can't even describe the emotion I experienced as I came upon the "Friends Forever" episode. You may or may not remember this was the episode where Zack imagines that his band "Zack Attack" makes it to the big leagues.Someone please tell me you remember this too? 

I had this episode saved on the DVR for 2 1/2 years and I think I still have it on a DVD somewhere.  I made a point to watch it at least once a week and forced anyone who asked "Which episode of Saved by the Bell is this?" when they flipped past it in the menu, to sit and watch the entire thing, complete with me giving small bits of information that could only possibly be gathered from watching it over 150 times.

If you ever get a chance...please watch this episode....and when you do....take a look at how much more committed to his role Slater is than Screech.  Dustin Diamond sloppily sleepwalks his way through the episode while Mario Lopez actually plays the correct drum beats and never misses any moment with his lines.
Just a powerhouse Lopez performance. 

I would like to share some of my favorite moments from this episode....when I die...please just have these playing on an endless loop at my funeral ok?  Thanks.

 this was their defiant, angry "we hate Zack and his big ego but we love his hair" 

this was at the end when they got back together and realized they would indeed SPOILER ALERT
be friends forever


The Miranda's said...

I LOVE SAVED BY THE BELL!!! "Let's stay together....."

SunflowerSteph said...

Used to watch Saved By The Bell every single lunch time. Absolute favvv show of the nineties. Can sing the entireeee theme song..cmon you know you sing along too when it comes on!

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