Monday, March 7, 2011

new obsessions

I thought I would share some more beauty products I am currently obsessed with....since it's been awhile.  I would also like to state that I don't share these just because I work in cosmetics.  I share them because they really are freaking amazing.  How's that for a disclaimer?

1. Sparkle Skin- Clinique $21

This is the greatest body exfoliator of ALL TIME..  You just scrub it all over in the shower and your skin will be SO soft when you get out.  Thanks to my friend Kathryn who advised that you use it while shaving instead of soap or shaving will get the closest, softest, most wonderful shave of your life.  Trust me.

2. Definicils Pro- Lancome $25

Lancome's Definicils has been the #1 selling mascara in the world for the last 20 years.  We dominate the mascara market.  I love the pro version of it because the curved brush lifts the lashes at the base but you still get amazing definition and separation.  

3. Advanced Night Repair Eye- Estee Lauder $49.50

Such an awesome eye cream.  Helps fade lines/wrinkles/discoloration and helps moisturize. 

4. Eye Brightening All in One 5 shadow & liner palette- Lancome $48

These palettes come in 12 different color combos and they actually help brighten the eye because the colors coordinate to help the eyes pop.  They are super smooth and the color is vibrant.  The texture is literally butter.  8 hour wear, no also comes with a little guide to show you a day look and a night look.  They are so super easy and beautiful.....I have 3 of them.  I may have a problem.  But seriously..they can't be beat.

5. Sea Star Bronzing Blush- Estee Lauder $34
The color is so pretty and luminous.  A bronzer without looking too dark or fake.  Adds a nice soft glow to the face.  

6. The Milly Collection- Clinique 
Eye shadow/blush compact- $36
Long Lasting Gloss- $14
I'm super obsessed with these colors.  The gloss is called "Milly pink" and it is like the perfect pink gloss.  The bag that the compact comes in is super adorable too and the colors are PERFECT.  This is only a limited edition collection so be sure to get one.

7. Oscillation Powerfoundation- Lancome $48
Words can not even express how in love I am with this foundation.  It's a mineral foundation but the brush vibrates to break down the minerals before you apply.  It goes on so smooth and has a buildable coverage too so you can go very light or add for a fuller coverage.  It's SO AWESOME.  14 hour wear, not messy or cakey.  Makes your skin look smoother, softer, and healthier.  I absolutely love it!!!!

8. CK Free Model- Priceless
We have a display of him up in the store right now.  I've named him Travis.  Sometimes I like to just stand and look at him for awhile.  I won't blame you if you just keep this page open for a minute or two.  

Trying ANY of these products is highly recommended....except for Travis.  He belongs to me.

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