Sunday, March 27, 2011

Top That!

This video will be the perfect start to your week.

Does anyone else remember this movie? (Jen...I'm talking to you here). It's called "Teen Witch" for those who aren't 80's teen movie savvy like myself. It was of my favorites.
And would you think less of me if I admitted I had the smallest crush on that funky rapper?
Because I did.

Top That!

Make your week count. Obviously I'm already getting started on it.


Jen said...


um, why don't we all still have THAT hair!? oh yes, because it's like an explosion on your head. check.

i heart the 80s

Anonymous said...

"But he's so funky." thanks for that blast from the past! I had to explain the movie to my husband...he didn't seem too impressed by the rap like i was.

Laura said...

oh. my. gosh. This brings me back. My sister and I watched this too many times. And whenever I see Teen Wolf I immediately think Teen Witch, because of course that is a much better movie.

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