Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Amazing Race

I love the Amazing Race.  It's....amazing.

If there are 2 things I want to be doing at any given moment it is a.) taking a nap in my new bed with my 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets (more on that later) or b.) seeing all the cool things I see on Amazing Race (except for the fact I HATE flying on airplanes). The gist is that teams, a pair of friends/relatives/lovers/harlem globetrotters, travel from clue to clue to end up at a destination and have to complete challenges along the way.  I love watching all the teams rush through cities and through the country in search of the little red and yellow clue box.  Sometimes this works out well, and sometimes they just look like lost idiots hopping through Australia in a a kangaroo costume.

So this always gets me thinking...if I were to go on the Amazing Race, who would be my partner?

Here are my prospects:

potential partner: best friend Jen

pros: can communicate well with each other, share a love of food, witty banter, is a mom so you know...can do things (like pose casually on a car)
cons: we would likely get eliminated for leaving the race to go to some exotic animal petting zoo or to try some amazing food.

potential partner: best friend Beth

pros: is very smart, used to live in England so she's like...totally aware of foreign countries?, very funny
cons: all the other contestants would be idiots and we would know that and probably make fun of them for it so everyone would hate us because we're smarter and prettier than them.  We would be eliminated because everyone would sabotage us.

potential partner: sister Calah

pros: likes travel, deals well with animals, has good teeth
cons: easily distracted by cats and Asian people, we would likely get eliminated for killing each other.

potential partner: father Doug

pros: SUPER smart, good traveler, prioritizes well, good problem solver, makes friends easily (he made friends with Dee Snider as evidenced in this photo)
cons: we both have really short tempers, we would get eliminated because we would be arguing with the taxi drivers on the actual shortest route...because we know more than everyone.  And we are always right.

potential partner: mother Caren

pros: interested in travel, short so she can squeeze under things if necessary
cons: we would be eliminated from the race because we missed our flight so we could read all the historical markers and we had 6 extra suitcases full of shoes that we couldn't carry to the next pit stop looking at my prospects I think I'm just better off watching the race from the comfort of my own home....

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