Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Letters

Dear Lancome,
Thank you for making the BEST red lipstick of all time.  Too bad this doesn't make up for having to work gift with purchase time.

Dear Afrin Nasal Spray,
I know that you and my parents have had your differences...seeing is how they think I have an addiction to you.  But that's just people talkin.  You've saved me from my allergies.
God Bless,

Dear Calypso Southern Peach Lemonade,

If we were the only two things on Earth....I would be absolutely ok with that.
Love with all my heart,
P.S.  I'm highly convinced the Blueberry Muffin Pop-Tart guy invented you....I wish he would stop being so obsessed with me.

Dear Face,
Why do you always get all scrunched up and weird in family photos?  Let's work on this.

Dear Football Season,
Just thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  For everything.
The deepest of love and respect,

And now we come to you....

Dear Tom Brady,
Here we go again.  How's that pony tail working out for you?  Oh what's that?  You're still a tool?  Oh yeah...that's right.
Looking forward to the season with you....

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