Wednesday, September 28, 2011

an emmy a day....

keeps me happy because I get to blog about all their clothes.

Hello readers!  Yes I know...the Emmy's happened like over a week ago!  But I've been busy
watching TV
getting over a diet coke addiction
playing tap tap glee
reading Glamour magazine

doing stuff.

So here we go with all my Emmy awards! (My dad was watching the red carpet coverage with me...because he had no I'll be sharing his commentary as well)

They hey we all got together and decided green was the new blue but red was the new everything award:

Angela Kinsey

Lea Michele
loved the dress...hated that she had her hair down...

Adrienne Palecki
don't love the dress but she was on Friday Night Lights so she can do no wrong

Sarah Hyland

Sofia Vergara
by FAR the best dress she's ever worn

I don't know your name
but please make this dress stop

Kate Winslet
I'm in love with you

Dad's commentary: "Ugh ANOTHER red dress!?"

The I don't know how to properly use a steamer award:

girl from The Office
couldn't you have steamed the bottom at least?

The I'm pretty but I'm wearing my Grandma's dress award:

Dianna Agron
loved the color...hated how it looks like a grandma's dress

The no matter what you do you can't escape me award:

Katie Holmes....
why are you at everything?  and why does this look like a bathing suit cover up?

The I'm funny so we'll pretend this dress didn't happen award:

Amy Poehler are we'll just pretend this dress didn't happen ok?

The Hey where's our favorite hot mess?  Oh there you are Paula award:
Paula Abdul
Couldn't someone have told her that her dress was shifted to the right?
I still love you.

The Oh I didn't know Satan was invited to the Emmy's this year award:

The What the Eff award:
Julianna Margulis
It looks like a vase from Elton John's house.

Dad's Commentary: "She looks like she's wearing a curtain"

The can you handle all the adorable that we are?  you cannot.  award:

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

The Most Improved award:

Naya Rivera
Much better.  Thank you.

The Stop seducing me with your eyes Ian Somerhalder and Cory Monteith award:
Cory Monteith

Ian Somerhalder

We're in a relationship.  All of us.

The you can't even see what I'm wearing because my large bosoms are distracting you award:
Christina Hendricks
She's gorgeous.  I'm jealous

The best use of Seal award:

Heidi Klum and Seal 
I'm hearing that people are really getting sick of her winning this one.
I'm getting sick looking at the bottom of her dress.

Dad's commentary: "Button your shirt Seal!"

The I like your white dress award(s):
Elisabeth Moss

Maria Bello

Jane Krakowski

Aubrey Plaza

Cat Deely

I liked all  your white dresses.

And now we pause for another Jon Hamm at an awards show moment..
Jon Hamm...just look at the levity
Look at his hair
Look at all of him

Whew ok sorry...back to the Emmys....

The No seriously what the eff award:

Julianne Hough
First: why are you there?
Second: seriously?  what the eff?

The we were on Friday Night Lights and we're all amazing and beautiful award:

Connie Britton

Minka Kelly

Aimee Teegarden

And for my favorites of the night...

Colbie Smoulders
LOVE the color!

Heather Morris
I died.  Gorgeous.

Kristin Wiig

Evan Rachel Wood
just flawless

Nina Dobrev
hands down my favorite
figure flattering, dramatic, perfect

Martha Plimpton

Julia Stiles

I of course wore this

My favorite moments included:

The Office skit...hilarious

Kyle Chandler winning Best Male Actor in a Drama for Friday Night Lights

I cried.

Phil and Claire Dunphy (aka Julia Bowen and Ty Burrell) winning Best Comedy Actress/Actor for Modern Family

I love them

Kate Winslet winning....she's so flawless

So what did you all think of the Emmy's?  Anything I missed or that you loved/hated?

Also if you're wondering why I'm so obsessed with Friday Night Lights....just watch this and then go watch the whole first season...and you'll understand


astrogirl529 said...

Love Friday Night Lights too, that is an awesome trailer, makes me want to watch it all again. Well done Kyle.

B said...

Do they all go to a class the night before for arm-on-the-hip posing instructions?
Good selections. Like your da's comments.

Beth said...

Kate Winslet = GORGEOUS!!

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