Thursday, September 15, 2011

A fond farewell...

I have a very sad announcement to make.  I've been putting it off because I wasn't really sure how to word it but I figured that I should just come right out and say it.  Like ripping off a band aid.

I'm giving up Diet Coke.

Yes Yes I know.  But before you get all judgy and say "oh so you're giving up Diet Coke for that abominable harlot Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper!"  The answer is no.

I'm giving up all soft drinks all together.

AH I know.  All I can say is it's a good thing I'm on vacation from work for the next week because I'm going to be very fussy.  The truth is I'm giving up a lot of things.  We as a family are doing a sort of cleanse and following a new eating plan.  Which is good.  

Although I've said some mean things about water in the past.  And I hope it doesn't hold a grudge.
maybe Crystal Light can soften the blow.


B said...

I gave up caffiene (if I have soda it is in the form of Sprite) in April. It kills for awhile then you forget about it. Until someone offers you a delish Mt. Dew and you have to turn it down...
Anyways I despise water but have been making myself down two 32 oz. Nalgene bottles every day. I use the walmart brand Crystal Light thingies and yes, it makes it worth wile.
Good Luck to you.

Sladjana said...

hahaha OMG! is this real?
You are leaving diet Coke?
Let me say as your faithful reader it's pretty hard to believe. :)

Good for you! :) xoxo

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