Thursday, September 8, 2011

what a pretty face

As promised Beauty Week is continuing!

Obviously skin care is number one because the better condition your skin is in without make up...the less make up you'll need.  BUT not only is make up fun but...none of us are perfect and make up helps us pretend we are! So here are my tips for a flawless face!

Primer is an amazing product.  It helps smooth the skin and reduce pores before you even put your make up on.  Think of it like putting primer on the wall before you paint!  Helps the color stay longer and truer.  My personal fave is Lancome's La Base Pro.  It's #2 nationwide and a little goes a long way.  I recommend using a silicone based primer.  The silicone in your foundation will bind with the silicone in the primer and makes it stay extra long.

Concealer is an absolute life saver!  For those tired dark circles or that pesky blemish that popped up overnight....concealer is the magic trick!  Maquicomplet by Lancome is my personal fave because I love the creamy texture.  Estee Lauder makes a great concealer called Double Wear that is long lasting.  I also love Revlon's blemish concealer because it actually has a little salicylic acid in it to help heal your blemish!

And now for the main event!  Foundation!  I love foundation but in the right way.  Tips for good foundation..
1.  Know your skin type
There are so many different formulas and if you're oily you certainly don't want a foundation for dry skin.
2. Know what kind of finish you want
Foundations have all different kinds of finishes...matte, luminous, natural etc.  Really think about how you want your foundation to look.  And also note whether you'd like a mineral or a liquid foundation.
3. Know your shade
This is the most important part of foundation.  No one likes that orange line ladies!  Go into your local department stores cosmetics area and have someone match you!  They'll do it for free and you can ask for a sample to try out.  If you love it...treat yourself!  If you really can't shell out the $'s then at least you'll know your undertone and  you'll be able to match yourself better at the drug store.

*Important to note that foundation doesn't always have to be applied to the whole face.  You can use it just in places of discoloration.

I love mineral foundation for the summer because it's a little bit lighter (Lancome's Oscillation Powerfoundation is my FAVE) but in winter we usually need a little bit extra.  I love Laura Mercier cream foundation, Lancome's Teint Miracle, Nars Sheer Glow, Makeup Forever HD Photofinish, and Clinique's Even Better.  As far as drug store foundations go...I loved Revlon's Photo Ready foundation.

Powder is a great finishing touch.  Seals everything and keeps that pesky oil shine away.  I love a nice loose translucent powder like Lancome's Ageless Mineral and I'm a huge fan of Rimmel's Stay Matte pressed powder.

No matter what your skin tone is (even very fair like me) I recommend a bronzer.  It gives your face dimension and gives a nice healthy glow.  I love Bobbi Brown's shimmer bricks and Physician's Formula even has one that is actually supposed to help boost your mood....worth a shot I guess!

 I'm obsessed with blush.  Obsessed.  I love how it makes your face glowing and beautiful.  With blush you can't really go wrong.  Just make sure the color is right for your skin tone.  Nars in Orgasm is my absolute favorite and has been for years because it truly is the perfect shade.  I also love a nice cream blush like Revlon's for a nice natural subtle glow.

Finding the right tools to apply your make up does play a key role as well.  I love the Beauty Blender!  Has literally changed the way I apply my make up.  It's easy to clean and you use it damp so it doesn't soak up all your foundation.  I also love a good foundation brush.  I HATE sponges and recommend you use anything BUT a sponge.  It soaks up all your foundation and you waste so much plus it holds a lot of bacteria.  Using good brushes for your powder/blush is good but not as necessary if you ask me.  I love Lancome's brushes but you can get your powder brushes at Target...Sonia Kashuk makes a great line of brushes.  

That's all for the perfect flawless face.  Hope you enjoyed the tips!  Tomorrow it will be all about the eyes....

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Emily said...

I love the Mac 180 brush and Mac liquid foundation. Stays on FOREVER, seriously. It was my wedding makeup (and I didn't want to look like one of those crazies who doesn't look like themself on their wedding day).

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