Thursday, September 29, 2011


awhile back I joined from what here on out will be referred to as "time vortex" but formally known as

for those who aren't enlighted pinterest aka the time vortex is a site where you can "pin" things from the world wide web that you like for others to see.  There are some amazing DIYs, for the home items, and recipes!

The problem that I have with it is this: each time I get on the time vortex I leave feeling one of these three things...
1. extreme hunger
2. the unstoppable urge to shop
3. a deep need to redecorate my room/move/buy a mansion

Plus I will start looking at 10 am and when I'm's getting dark out (hence the time vortex)

let me give you some examples...
after spending a lot of some time on the site this evening I came to the following conclusions...

I absolutely must make these homemade twix bars as soon as humanly possible or I will never eat anything ever again!

(I won't even get started on the thousands upon thousands of pumpkin recipes starting to appear....or the number of times I've almost licked my computer screen)

buying this dress and this coat and these shoes will change my life and make it undeniably perfect and I will never have any problems!

And lastly I will have to start packing immediately so I can live in this house

 with these wonderful things inside...

and my children will have an amazing life too because they'll have this

so to sum it all up...the time vortex nee pinterest will make you want to get an entirely different life.

*just a precautionary tale...a person pinned a picture of an  Asian baby on Pinterest with the caption "want" and pinned it to their "For the Home" board...Who are the proper authorities to alert about this?


B said...

I looked at the "pin" once and decided it was way bad. Not like "bad" but that it would make me totally uncontent with my life. I like my life so no to the "pin".

Beth said...

When you move into that house can I move with ya?? And I will also take those shoes ;)

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